Quick: Men get Photoshopped too; Diet Wars; Where the Heck Have I Been?

This short shows before/after shots for a fictional bodybuilding product that were shot on the same day.  The man in question really does look heavier in the before — due to lighting, positioning, makeup, and Photoshop.

Epictetus was born in 55AD. I looked him up when a “quote of the day” site came up with his “Preach not to others what they should eat, but eat as becomes you, and be silent.”   What struck me was realizing that humans have been arguing over the “correct” diet for thousands of years.   Offering new foods or tastes is one thing; arguing and prescribing foods is frustrating.

Btw: Yes, I didn’t post at all last week. Work has been mega-stressful.  I’ve been focusing on self-care and dropping some of my more optional activities.   I’ve also been listening to music a lot and periodically watching this:

(Yeah, I’ve posted it before, but I still like it a lot.  So.)



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9 responses to “Quick: Men get Photoshopped too; Diet Wars; Where the Heck Have I Been?”

  1. Twistie Avatar

    ”Preach not to others what they should eat, but eat as becomes you, and be silent.”

    This may be my new philosophy of life. (Happy sigh)

  2. spoonfork38 Avatar

    Thank you for the philosophy and the dance—I needed both!

    Hope the stresses in your life subside soon!

  3. JeninCanada Avatar

    What spoonfork38 said. :) Happy Monday everyone.

  4. Godless Heathen Avatar

    The guy in the first clip is a-freakin-dorable. A curse on airbrushing and retouching, I never get to see any cuddly bodies in magazines, male or female. I love human diversity, I wish the media did too.

  5. Ashley Pariseau Avatar

    Interesting video (both). Twistie, that is a fantastic quote. :-)

  6. Regina T Avatar
    Regina T

    Missed you! I’ve seen both of these videos. The first one just blows my mind at how gullible we all are….though that’s all changing now, thank goodness. The dancing video never fails to make me smile and laugh…and want to dance!
    Hope you have the best week ever!~

  7. Twistie Avatar

    @Ashley Pariseau: I wish I could take credit for the quote, but I pulled it out of the post. Still, it does rock, doesn’t it?

  8. sleepydumpling Avatar

    I love that quote, saving that one for later.

    You know, there is something about Matt Harding’s videos of himself dancing like a nut all around the world that I find deeply moving. There is such a joyousness to them that delights me and often moves me to tears. Matt just has a way of celebrating life about him. Even if he is a really, really bad dancer.

  9. Tehomet Avatar

    Thanks for posting both videos. And I hope your work gets less stressful soon. :D

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