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Fun with Job-Hunting

So, I’m checking out Craigslist, and there’s a job ad that sounds great for me until I get to the end “MUST be nicotine and tobacco free, demonstrated commitment to a healthy lifestyle preferred.”   *blink*  Okay, the first is a plus for an asthmatic, but the “demonstrated commitment to a healthy lifestyle”…?  Re-read the ad; it’s about tech stuff I’m familiar with, which is why I thought it would be cool….

I went to the company’s website.  Their products are websites / programs for smoking cessation, “wellness”, and …. weight loss.  Okay, not applying there.

5 responses to “Fun with Job-Hunting”

  1. I dare to say that, given your consistency with strength training, yoga, and walking, that you are living a lifestyle that IS healthy! Especially since you stopped calorie restrictive dieting, bingeing, and extensive excerising from your weight loss days! You don’t smoke, rarely drink, AND exercise fairly regularly…..isn’t that a “healthy lifestyle”?

    ps….The hubby works in the tech field as a Director and they’re hiring. Though I don’t know what you do in that field, if you want to shoot me an email I can give you details on his company’s needs….if you’re interested. :)

  2. I feel for ya, doll. I was in and out of work for 24 months (worked 6 of those). reading endless job ads looking for that asterisk or other caveat, ugh! I can’t blame you one bit for not applying to that one, would you be comfortable telling that company why? I mean, you seem qualified and all and I would just send a note (from an anonymous email if you prefer) explaining that weight loss does not equal healthy and in fact can cause health problems. Just a suggestion. Best of luck on the job hunt.

  3. Yuck, I hate looking for a job. If they would just hire me, I’d make them so happy, but I get all wound up in the interviews and just BOMB. I used to be better at interviews, but once I got psoriasis, I get so nervous that all they are looking at is my psoriasis and my weight and thinking about how much I’m going to cost their health care plan, if they’re smart they’d know it’s for the psoriasis and not the weight, but people are stupid.
    What kind of tech stuff do you do? My husband, another partner and I are doing our damndest to get a product out the door.

  4. That is a tough situation and must be heartbreaking. The suggestion of writing a letter might be a good one, they may be unaware of the quality of applicants their posts turn away, perhaps THE perfect fit.

  5. Ugh, I hate the catch-22 companies like that can create. I’m pretty sure I got passed over for a job I was super-qualified for: herbalism background, essential oils, alternative cosmetics/diy – entirely because of my size.

    I was thoroughly annoyed at the “friend” who said I should expect my looks to cost me in that area, too – and when I drop in on that shop now, no one ever knows what they’re talking about!

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