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Ah, Teh Sex ;)

(Misspelling intentional!)

Marianne posted about sex yesterday, and Red No. 3 followed up with a post today.  So, it’s kind of a blogaround!   :)

I did a general post on sex a few years ago.  A few things I’d add now:

All of which is to illustrate:  It is okay to be different.  It is okay to do what you feel is best for you.

One friend describes why she didn’t have sex in high school as: “Small town, kids I’ve known for over a decade who were mostly less mature than I.   I didn’t see anyone I wanted to have sex with.”

Yeah, me too.  Granted I may have had more self-[body]-hate and fantasy of being thin going on, but I also didn’t have anyone I felt comfortable with.

I don’t think every relationship has to be The Love Of Your Life.  I have had “friends with benefits” that worked out rather well.  But I don’t think it’s a good idea to be with someone you don’t like or respect.

I will also note: It can be certainly enjoyable to have sex with yourself. Betty Dodson’s Sex for One or The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex may help with getting in the mood. As mentioned on The Rotund, have plenty of nifty toys that may help as well.

4 responses to “Ah, Teh Sex ;)”

  1. Thank you for writing this. I love that we’re all able to hear experiences of fat sex and open discussions about it. Just fabulous!

  2. Ha! I married my friend with benefits nearly 15 years ago. I have really appreciated all the sex talk lately, it’s not something I’m really comfortable talking about, but I’m trying to do better.

  3. I wonder if there were not such a social stigma against anal sex if still it would have taken me almost six years to let myself and my very patient, giving husband experiment with it.

    Better late than never!

  4. Let me clarify that comment after further thought. I was the one who was totally 100% opposed to it for many years. I was of the belief that it was certainly not something that an ordinary woman could get pleasure from and so it was something that men only wanted to do to feel in control.

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