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Music Monday: Save Yourselves!

Okay, I’ve posted Seanan McGuire’s song Wicked Girls before.  (Pre-orders for the album?  Available.  Posters of the lyrics? Also available.)   If you haven’t heard it, this is how she performed it with friends at Orycon.

Left to right: Sunnie Larsen, Michelle “Vixy” Dockrey, Seanan McGuire, Tony Fabris, Autumn.

What you may not know, if you don’t read Seanan’s blog, is that she’s into horror. Horror movies, horror pulps, Steven King…she’s a self-described “horror girl”. Filker and parodist Bob Kanefsky knew this, an wrote a parody of Wicked Girls called Save Yourselves. Here’s those same friends springing it on Seanan later that night at Orycon.

Original lyrics are here; parody lyrics are here.

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