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Things you don’t think about…

I had a job interview.  Overall I think it went well; it seems like a cool place with interesting work, and I think they got a good sense of what I can do for them.  If they make an offer I’ll be pleased, but I’m still looking.  (AKA: Nice first date, but it’s just a first date.  ;)


The interview was on top of one of Seattle’s hills.  I had thought there was a public parking lot a (relatively flat) block over.  Turns out it’s not a public lot.  I ended up parking in a lot a block and a half the other way…

Down one of those steep, 15% grade hills from the office.

Now, I didn’t start my exercise routine with the idea of being able to walk this particular hill.  But thanks to exercising routinely, I was able to walk up it without a problem.  :)   Going back down to my car I went very slowly, but again, not a problem.   Kind of makes me glad I’ve been deliberately including the hills around my house when going for walks!

(Of course, if I get the job I’ll probably end up walking that sort of hill more frequently. ;)

(FYI: Seattle has hills steeper than 15%, but the one I was one was about a 15% grade.)

10 responses to “Things you don’t think about…”

  1. Good luck on the job search!

  2. Good luck! I hope you get the job.

    Regarding the hills, I find walking downhill more difficult because of a knee injury years ago that flares up every now and then. However, in my new city I have been doing so much (slow) walking up and down hills and subway stairs that the muscles in my legs, especially around my knees, have strengthened to the point that I’m not getting any more pain in my injured knee. I definitely took it slow too, though, when I was first having to walk up and down so many hills, but eventually I think our bodies adapt and we end up not even noticing that we are now doing something that just a short time ago we would have convinced ourselves was impossible.

    So as we say in Korea: “Fighting!!!” (You can interpret that as “Good Luck” or “Go Get ‘Em” or “Fight For Your Right To Be Your Awesome Best Badass Self!!”)

    Cheers ^.^

    1. Thanks!

      I have had knee problems in the past. I find the combination of walking several days a week and strength training several days a week is keeping pain at bay and letting me slowly increase what I can do.

  3. I understand that many people cannot exercise much (cannot walk, for instance, without unbearable pain), and others want to exercise but cannot get motivated (because of depression or bad memories of past attempts), and for some exercise is triggering (of ED symptoms or PTSD or other difficulties). Still others, sadly, do not have access to the specific kind(s) of exercise that would be helpful and pleasureable (such as a gentle swim in a warm pool or use of special joint-saving equipment). Naturally, some do not enjoy exercise at all and freely choose to avoid it. My point : I honor all of these experiences.

    And I also honor your experience with walking and exercise, and am very happy to hear that you are feeling stronger, with more stamina!

    I will soon be celebrating a one year anniversary of walking for health and pleasure. It is not something I can do alone outdoors . I depend on a companion walker (in my case a friend) for support.

    Walking outdoors during the past year has been a big part of my emotional rebirth after many years of extremely sedentary living. I am so grateful to my walking companion and grateful to my body that helps me feel stronger and more at peace with myself and my world.

  4. Oh! Fantastic! I am doubtful of my own hill scaling abilities, but since moving into a 2nd story apartment, the stairs are not longer an issue, so who knows! I understand the roller coaster ride that is the interviewing process, so my thoughts are with you my dear. Rock on!

  5. Congrats on the job interview…..fingers crossed for you :)
    The hills of the Pacific NW are what makes this area so beautiful…in my opinion. Especially coming from the flat midwest more than a decade ago now (12 yrs). It’s a challenge for me to walk them…and even sometimes to drive them–recent snowfall/freeze comes to mind.
    Just think how much endurance and leg strength you can build if you get the job! :)

  6. Hope you get the job, and if so, hope it’s a good one! And, good for you on the hill.

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