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Thankful Thursday

I think it’s time to do this again.  See, my job was eliminated.  Not fun, but I’m at the stage now where I’m thankful it happened, because:

1) Much less stress.  The old job was changing and had become a bad fit, and now it’s OVER.

2) I qualify for unemployment.

3) …also, we have money saved.  I’m touching wood as I type this, but we’re okay for a while.

4) …and, really? I didn’t want that job anymore anyway.  I started looking for a new job, sporadically—like once a month—in June.    Maybe if I’d rolled faster with the changes I’d still be there, but the “not wanting the job anymore” was a big part of why I didn’t roll with the changes well.  I didn’t mean to be obstructionist, but I became obstructionist because I didn’t want to do heavy lifting to change a job I didn’t want.   It became a negative spiral that I’m glad I’m not in anymore.

5)  Finally, I’ve been able to enjoy the time I spend with the man of the house more.  His support has really helped.

I’m also thankful that my blue blazer I got 5 or 6 years ago still fits and looks great with various tops.  ;)    I’ve had a few interviews, but no offers yet.

15 responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. You just keep in there girl. Something will come up when you about give up hope. It always does. I wish I knew how many times in my 60years I have given up hope and then whatever I needed came through. I once said I was never going to find a man to marry and within a couple of months, I was married. Maybe that wasn’t the best example……. Good luck Hon.

    1. Heehee! Thanks for the chuckle and the good wishes ;)

  2. I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the path we are forced to go down just sucks sometimes. Good things always come back around.

    1. Thank you. I am definitely trying to go forward to something cool and not just run away from the bad.

  3. This is why I look up to you—you can make almost anything into a Thankful Thursday!

    Best wishes for finding an employer who will understand and appreciate what kind of spectacular employee s/he will be hiring!

    1. It didn’t hurt that the week I was asked to leave, I was scheduled for 50 hours of work and Friday was supposed to be an all-day company meeting. Suddenly a marathon “week from hell” … was time alone to deal. ;)

  4. Sorry to hear that, although glad to hear that, judging from your list, you’re far from heart-broken about it, thankfully!

    Best wishes with the job seeking. Your next employer will be lucky to have you.

    1. Thank you. Honestly, I’d have quit ages ago if it weren’t for not wanting to have to use my savings to live on. But savings are there for a reason, and this IS the reason…

      (Unemployment covers mortgage, COBRA, and a few other bills. The rest is being paid for from savings. Fortunately we HAVE savings to last us a while.)

  5. Sorry to hear about the job loss, but it sounds like it is for the best. I hope you find something soon, and that when you do, it’s awesome!

  6. I know how being “let go” can be such a relief sometimes (in all kinds of relationships, not just work). I am bolstered by your positive approach and I am glad you have the means to take the time to find a good fit… Best wishes!

    1. Yes, it’s weird how work can be like other relationships. I’ve been looking at temp gigs as well as fulltime — fulltime is better for benefits, but temping is really appealing because I feel like I’ve just left a 5-year “marriage” and darn it, dating would be nice. ;)

  7. Sorry you were let go….but you have such a great perspective on how this job impacted you mentally and that’s definitely a good thing! Im glad you have the savings to weather the time between jobs. Good luck on your search…..the “consultant” route has its advantages. Hubby did that for a number of years and he learned a lot from it. Usuallly, when the company is paying for a consultant, they give you the most creative opportunities within the company, which often meant the newest technology/development tasks (he was a software dev guy-still is at times). He learned more doing those roles than any permanent position he’s had.
    Best of luck to you!

  8. […] 2)  Yes, I have is a temp gig in Seattle proper.   At the moment it’s a better fit than the old place. […]

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