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Interviews, Interviews

I’ve been getting more job interviews lately.  Researching the companies I’m interviewing at and other interview prep is taking a fair amount of time.   One place I interviewed at Monday has called to arrange a second round next week, which is a hopeful sign.

I am still not getting full lung function, but albuterol, Mucinex, and the humidifier are helping.  Doing an aerobics tape in the morning seems to make me feel better for the rest of the day, and the fact that I can (instead of collapsing with a major coughing fit after 5 minutes of warm-up) is a good thing too.

We’ve had some nice sunny weather lately, inspiring me to prune roses and cut down some blackberry canes.

The man of the house is making dinner – steak, mushrooms & peppers, and potatoes.

I’m also enjoying SJ Tucker’s new single:

How’s with you?

2 responses to “Interviews, Interviews”

  1. Good luck in your second round interviews! It sounds like you are being smart and thorough in your preparations—sending good mojo your way! :)
    I hope you get your lung function optimized soon. Maybe it’s time to ask your doctor for a nebulizer? It’s like a mega dose of albuterol….but works wonders on the lungs.

  2. Good luck with the interviews, and thanks for sharing the song. :)

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