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Tummy & Bra Liners & AmpleStuff

For those who are tired of sweat collecting underneath their tummies, AmpleStuff is now carrying Tummy Liners made by Pambra of bra liner fame.

I haven’t tried them, but Stilletto posted a review of the tummy liner, and  Notblueatall posted a review of both the bra and tummy liners.

I’ve mentioned before that I use baby powder to combat belly and underbust chafing.  It’s probably why I haven’t noticed a problem with sweat (baby powder is absorbent) but I thought it might be of use to others.   :)

BTW – AmpleStuff is owned by William Fabrey, who founded NAAFA and co-founded the Council on Size & Weight Discrimination.  They carry things like airplane seat belt extenders, extra-wide hangers, extra-long fanny packs, reach tools, extra-long measuring tapes for sewing, and supersize hospital gowns.   My husband’s socks and our scale were purchased from AmpleStuff.

7 responses to “Tummy & Bra Liners & AmpleStuff”

  1. Cool! I hadn’t known about the NAAFA connection. Thank you! That’s so rad!

    1. :) Bill Fabrey also did a monthly column on fat in the media in Radiance, when it was publishing.

  2. I use the Pambras under the bras and they are awesome. I have always been a sweater under my breasts (with activity) and having to change the bra a few times a day is not economical or always possible. They stay in place, are absorbent but I don’t feel like they are moist like when the bra material does. I can remove them when I cool down and it’s almost like having a fresh bra.

  3. I also prefer powder to Pambras most days, but Pambras are a good addition if the day is really hot and humid and you won’t have the opportunity to refresh the powder. Just make sure you launder the Pambras in VERY hot water frequently so that if a yeast rash develops, you don’t keep re-spreading it back to yourself. Same for bras, of course.

    Nice that they have this option now for under the belly as well.

    I knew about the NAAFA connection long ago….it’s one of the reasons I give Amplestuff my business. But thanks for pointing it out for others!

  4. Hello friends, this is Pamela the designer of Pambra’s bra and tummy liners. Thank You for the wonderful write up. Hello Moe and Not Blue how are you both. As Well Rounded say’s they do need to be washed and a clean liner placed on daily. All the liners carry a DR’s Recommendation to prevent heat rash. But we also recommend a clean liner to not transfer sweaty cells, just as Well Rounded say’s. Just an FYI the Tummy liners have taken off so .. PS Bill is a wonderful Gentlemen I have known since 1990..

  5. Gee, Google turned up this conversation about Amplestuff and me, and it was pleasant to read. Of course, I was aware of this blog, because half of my blogging friends list it in their favorites.

    Like NAAFA, Amplestuff was born because of the huge vacuum in service and advocacy for fat people, which I have never fully understood. If being fat weren’t so stigmatized, organizations and manufacturers would have been serving this community for two centuries. But the vacuum was there, and it has been exciting for me to see the progress that has occurred, despite the entrenched interests and social forces at work to prevent it from happening.

    So thanks for the boost, Living 400lbs, and readers! Carry on!

    –Bill Fabrey
    Biomedical Engineer (retired), NAAFA (, Council on Size & Weight Discrimination (, Association for Size Diversity and Health (

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