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Want to cool off?

Come to Seattle.


It’s been 80F or above (26C) for 78 minutes since June 1.  Eighteen hours and 48 minutes above 75F.   Some folks are fine with this, others want more warmth, but compared to the rest of the US we’re nice and cool.

So come on over.  Don’t forget the umbrella.  And a sweater.

7 responses to “Want to cool off?”

  1. Wish I could get there. I live in Maine, usually one of the cooler spots in the country, a state where many people from ‘hot spots’ come for the summer or a vacation to escape the heat. Today it hit 96 degrees, with a heat index of 104, was nearly as hot yesterday & the day before, is supposed to be nearly as hot tomorrow. We are supposed to drop back into the 70’s by Sunday, with nighttime temps in the 50’s, more usual weather for us. Last night’s overnight low was 74; the dewpoint has been hovering around 72-74, also nearly unheard of for Maine.

    Seattle sounds beautiful. Enjoy it. Anchorage, Alaska, with a high of 63 today, was also sounding appealing. I am NOT a beach bunny or hot weather lover. I send cooling energy to the 80& or so of this country currently in the grip of a heatwave.

  2. I’m one who really doesn’t mind this much, though there is still too much of the nasty white stuff in places I’d like to get to this summer… but sums of the situation quite nicely

  3. *Gasp* High of 104 in New York and humid, with a heat index somewhere north of 110. Leila, if you can stand this weather, you can have it – I’ll even gift-wrap it for you if you want.

  4. I like this cool weather here in Oly WA, but, a week’s worth of rain in the summer is a little punishing, especially since we can count on months of gray, rainy weather throughout most of the rest of the year. It’s probably my Vitamin D deficiency speaking, though — I would take overcast rainy 60s over 90s or above any day of the year.

  5. I’m pleased with the cool weather down in Portland. My tomato and pepper plants, on the other hand, are most unhappy about it. ;-)

  6. I’m jealous beyond belief. =) We were 108 on Friday. I think I melted, a little.

  7. Would be glad to. Wanna help me find a job. We went this year for New Years and had a blast. it’s definitely place I could see myself living.

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