Thankful Thursday

[an occasional exercise in gratitude]

  1. My father has been in his new Adult Family Home for over a week and is doing well.
  2. The political-bloggers-with-zombies novel Feed that I’ve been compulsively re-reading for the last year did not win the “Best Novel” Hugo but it came in second.  Feed and its sequel Deadline are by Mira Grant aka Seanan McGuire.
  3. While I did not get to Worldcon this year, I do get to enjoy this ustream of the comedic “Just A Minute” competition, including discussion of various Apollos, the seven dwarves, parallel universes, what’s wrong with steampunk, and Seanan McGuire requesting a big boo for Bill  Willingham.
  4. I am getting better at enjoying things without feeling that I have to own them.  For example, a password book, a typewriter bookend, or a Crayola rollerball pen, or the entire ThinkGeek “Geek Toys” catalog (including an Adipose stuffie!)
  5. Cooking at home and relaxing with the man of the house.

How’s the week going for you?







4 responses to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. Twistie Avatar

    Sounds like you’ve been having a great week!

    My week has been great, too. Mr. Twistie is on the road with a harem… well, two awesome ladies. That means I have the house to myself with just the cat. It also means I get to eat things that Mr. Twistie can’t stand to eat, like rabbit and Cornish game hen and eggplant. And he has been checking in every night. Not tonight, but I know he’s busy and from the conversations we’ve had, he’s clearly having a terrific week, too.

    Good times, good times.

  2. Emerald Avatar

    I have one of those Adipose stress toys! I keep in in my office in-tray. I’m guessing the heat must have affected it somehow, though, because its little face got squished in and won’t bounce back now – darn. (There’s a plushie version out there, but it’s on the expensive side.) Bearing in mind I work in a pathology lab, I’m often tempted to blow large amounts on the whole of the IHeartGuts catalog:

    As for good things this week…

    Actually getting some writing done.

    The skirt I wanted arriving in the mail.

    One of my oldest, most anti-baby friends announcing she’s pregnant (which, OK, is kind of good and also complicated, based round my own feelings about choosing not to have kids myself…but basically good.)

    Revving up for next week’s little local con, which means getting an Amy Pond hair dye job and overseeing husband’s removal of beard (which he needs to do, unless he’s going to be Day of the Moon Captured By FBI Doctor, which he isn’t, because it’s kind of hard to get hold of a straitjacket.)

    And, of course, ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’. :)

    Glad to hear about your dad, BTW – we had to get my late mother moved between two different places before we got the right one (although, part of the issue was that she was determined not to be happy anywhere unless a family member, preferably me, was giving up their whole life for her, but that’s another story…)

  3. Anna Avatar

    I want one of those.

    I’m having a bit of a dodge morning. I went on what I thought was a date with a boy I was pretty into – only to find out near the end that it wasn’t a date at all. I was prety depressed, but luckily found my housemates still awake.

    I had a bit of a cry to them, not so much about the boy but more that I felt no one would ever find me attractive ever. They held me, and we spent the rest of the night drinking and talking and making pancakes. With ltos of hugs. I am now at work and only a little headachey. Also with a big stack of pancakes for breakfast!

    I’m glad to hear your Dad is doing well, and I enjoy to read about your other thankfuls as well.

    1. Anna Avatar

      I meant to say the date and the drinking were last night – I am not having a packed morning full of date and drinking.

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