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Is it just me or is the combo of “prove you’re not a robot” and OpenID on sites difficult?  I tried to leave comments on a couple blogspot sites today and it kept insisting that I didn’t read the image correctly or that OpenID had erred.  Gave up on OpenID and tried to just enter my name and it again didn’t post — and didn’t even give me an error.  Argh. :\

14 thoughts on “Blog commenting

  1. Holy crap! I’m a Lurker (hi!) But when I read this I had to comment because I was literally just dealing with this like…30 minutes ago! I typed out a whole long ass comment and had to let it go because I am not very active on the interwebs. OK. Rant over. Love your blog and sorry for cursing. :( No other word accurately expressed my rage.

  2. I’ve run into this so often, not just errors, but anything that makes it complicated to comment. Sometimes It can take a lot of guts to speak up, and if even the most minor of barrier exists, it can be enough for one to say “forget it!”

  3. Ugh, happens to me all the time! I hate it! I’ve tried researching why it happens, but I can’t really find any info, or it’s all too technical and even after trying all the steps, it still doesn’t work.

  4. I haven’t been able to use my livejournal OpenId on blogspot sites for a while now, it just fails. So I don’t think it’s just you.

    I sometimes suspect they all want us to use facebook so they can keep track of/market to us better, so they make any other form of compatibility difficult.

  5. It happens to me so often on Blogspot blogs that I mostly just don’t even comment on them anymore. OpenID has been broken for me for ages, and sometimes there’s not an anonymous or just “name and email address” option, or I would use it.

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