Living ~400lbs

… and believe me I am still alive


…or rather, a site is starting to show fat people’s reaction to America’s (drumroll…fanfare…lights…)

Obesity Nightmare 

It started with a Tumblr post, and has continued with photos from Brian (at Red No 3) and Turn It Over.


Because we do not exist to be the government’s or the healthcare industry’s nightmare.

We are people.

We are living our lives.

You want to know what we think of the “obesity nightmare”? Here is our response.

Our lives? Are our lives.  

Not yours.

I realize this may be a challenge to you.

We are not nightmares,

unless your nightmare is

people who aren’t afraid of being fat.

Seriously: Think about this.  If me living my employed, home-owning, happily married life without your intervention is your nightmare … why?

On the other hand, if your nightmare is fat people demanding to be treated as people without losing weight, then yes, I am your nightmare.

Want to join in?  Submissions are welcome. :)

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