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  • Things That Derail My Everything

    Doctor appointments, like the 3 I had in 2 weeks. (Mostly it’s because I emotionally freak out about it. I don’t like that but that’s what my body insists on right now.) Medical tests, like the ultrasound I had during the same 2 weeks. (See above.) Doing more physical things around the house, which for […]

  • Quote of the Day

    Hospitals are not neutral spaces for fat or queer people. Frequently they are places of immense judgment and mockery. Despite efforts to change, healthcare offices for many are reminders of what kinds of bodies and sexualities are most comfortably in tune with dominant patterns of social life. Like every other fat and/or queer person I […]

  • Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving yesterday was turkey roasted in a bag; stuffing with mushrooms, water chestnuts, and cashews; green bean casserole; followed by apple crisp. Fridge is full, but it’s not like we emptied it beforehand. Today I had a blueberry muffin with coffee. Around 11 I heated a bowl of leftover veggie curry, then around 2 a […]

  • Fat Bias In Treatment

    Researchers are looking at data on N1H1 flu to see how COVID-19 might go. For example, reviewing how fat people fare. Results: We identified 22 articles enrolling 25,189 laboratory confirmed patients. The pooled estimates indicated obesity significantly increased the risk of fatal and critical complications of influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 infection (for fatal, OR = 1.81, 95% […]

  • Quote of the Day

    In dealing with the “encouragers” who want you to eat less, move more, and maybe have a few organs amputated to lose weight: These fat hating types don’t know you and they don’t want to. They don’t care to know if you are or aren’t doing sit ups or exercising or what you really eat. […]

  • It Came From the Search Terms

    Things people searched on to get to this site! clothing for obese people Yes, we wear clothing!  The types and sizes vary though. seat belt extenders walmart I’ve had better luck with car manufacturers & Amazon, myself. im sore from girl dancing I’m not sure what “girl dancing” is, anybody? a guy got out of […]

  • Why Isn’t Obesity Research Better Known?

    CBC has an article on the part of obesity research that doesn’t always get talked about. Tim Caulfield says his fellow obesity academics tend to tiptoe around the truth. “You go to these meetings and you talk to researchers, you get a sense there is almost a political correctness around it, that we don’t want […]

  • Tell Me Again How It’s “For My Own Good”

    Lara Frater wrote about this and I wanted to boost the signal.  The Rudd Center recently came out with a study (PDF link) showing that weight stigma affects the stress hormone cortisol. Exposure to weight-stigmatizing stimuli was associated with greater cortisol reactivity among lean and overweight women. These findings highlight the potentially harmful physiological consequences of exposure to weight stigma. […]

  • Health At Every Size Principles

    I sometimes post about Health At Every Size®, both the concept (which is trademarked by ASDAH) and the book Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth about Your Weight, by Linda Bacon.  So I am pleased to see that ASDAH has updated its HAES® Principles to be more inclusive of different abilities and backgrounds. Weight bias […]

  • #fatmicroaggressions

    [Content warning: criticism of fat shaming] Melissa McEwan at Shakesville started the #fatmicroaggressions tag on Twitter.   (If you’re not familiar, “microaggression” is the concept that specific interactions between those of different races, cultures, or genders can be interpreted as small acts of mostly non-physical aggression; the term was coined byChester M. Pierce in 1970.  I am most […]

  • Things to Read

    You may have seen this poor as folk post on why poor people might not eat healthy.   There’s also a great post on why “healthy food vs junk food” infographics are inaccurate, misleading lies. From Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphramor at the the Health At Every Size® Blog: “Obesity-related” disease actually tracks your social status […]

  • World Ending, Fat People’s Fault

    It’s amazing what fat is used to justify. Besides the increased health risks associated with obesity, we’re told fat people harm national defense, make global warming worse, and decrease workplace productivity.*  The “Oh, but we need to do something about obesity!!!” is trotted out to sell organic foods, free range foods, Whole Foods, books, TV […]

  • Why I Think Declaring Obesity A Disease is Harmful

    It’s inaccurate: A fit fat person is usually healthier than a sedentary thin person. Obese people (BMI of 30 to 34.9) have no greater risk of early death than those of “normal” body size (BMI 18.5 to 24.9).  Most people who fit the clinical definition of obese are in the smaller categories. “Normal-weight” people who think […]

  • Best (Worst?) Things I’ve Read Today

    In the coverage of this fat-hating, scientifically inaccurate, harmful mess, I’ve seen a lot of variations on calling out Miller for hitting out the send button impulsively or failing to properly censor himself. But the problem isn’t that Miller broadcast this bigotry in a public venue. The problem is that he holds this bigoted view at all. […]

  • Fat Bias Isn’t Just About Rapport

    As noted on Twitter, the article Tara Parker-Pope wrote for the New York Times about a study in Obesity looking at how fat patients aren’t always welcomed by doctors. Not news, though I suppose it’s good to have quantitative research supporting it. Really, though, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Here’s some more. For patient stories on […]

  • Typing “Fat People Are” into Google

    I understand if anyone doesn’t want to read this.  But it says something about our society. When typing “fit people are” into Google,* it helpfully tries to finish the thought for me, providing “more successful”, “happier”, “harder to kill”, and “smarter”.  The search results are similar. Typing in “thin people are” shows options like “better”, […]

  • Things to Read

    A clear explanation of why  New York’s fat hatred is much more harmful than the soda ban from Melissa McEwan: People do not die of “obesity.” Some fat people die from complications of what are commonly known as “obesity-related diseases,” like heart disease and diabetes, but those diseases have only been shown to be correlated with fat, not caused by fat. […]