Living ~400lbs

… and believe me I am still alive

A Periodic Welcome Post

I thought it might be helpful to fill in any new folks.

What’s this blog?

I started this blog to have a place to talk about fat acceptance and how my life is and isn’t affected by being very fat.

Do you really weigh 400lbs? 

Pretty much, give or take 5%.

Do you look like the really fat people used to illustrate stories about overweight folks? 

Yes, even though most fat people are MUCH thinner than I.

Aren’t people your size common these days?

Not really, no.

Are you trying to lose weight?

I’m not trying to manipulate my weight up or down.

Why not?

Because losing weight doesn’t work long-term for most people. Including me.

Fat acceptance?  Tell me more. 

Fat acceptance, as implied by “fat” and “acceptance” being together like that, is about accepting body diversity instead of focusing on weight loss.  On a societal level it’s about fighting weight discrimination and encouraging lawmakers and public health officials to stop the emphasis on weight.  More info is here.

Anything else? 

I’ve lived in or near Seattle, Washington for all my life.  I studied computer science in college and work in software.  I’m white, married, bisexual, middle aged, wear glasses, sunburn easily, and have naturally curly hair.  I drive a 10-year-old Prius.  I play computer games like Freecell, Simcity, and Tropico. I’m an only child, dealing with the death of my father this year, and not really close to my other birth relatives.  I have asthma, environmental allergies, sleep apnea, astigmatism, and a history of depression.

9 responses to “A Periodic Welcome Post”

  1. As a fellow Northwesterner (I’m about 65 miles south of you) who also is middle aged, white, married and has naturally curly hair, just sayin’ it’s nice to know you. And, as far as grief goes, take your time. (Not like you have much choice in the matter.)

    1. As far as grief goes, I’m learning that it’s really not up to me. [wry]

  2. Hello there, I’m new to you. I stumbled upon your blog a couple of days ago while googling to make sure my Electra Cruiser bicycle (that was purchased about -60 or -70 pounds ago) wouldn’t wear unnecessarily or snap a spoke under my present 400+ poundage (good news is, more than likely it won’t :D ).

    Reading that you exercise “for selfish reasons” and aren’t trying to lose weight struck a chord with me, not a bad chord, but a chord that has never been struck before… a strange & foreign yet positive chord. It felt good. I’ve never known anyone our size who was NOT on some level struggling with weight loss… in fact I’ve never known anyone our size at all, but the point is, that is very very neato and admirable. The possibility that where I am just might be okay has never ever occurred to me, ever. I want to learn more, please.

    1. Thank you! I’m not posting much right now but there lots of posts here already.

  3. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and found it very inspiring. I am 33 years old and weigh 408lbs. I weighed 160lbs in 1st grade, I have been big my whole life. Needless to say I have spent most of my life embarrassed, ashamed, and…well hiding from people. I have been depressed ever since I can remember. Recently I have stumbled across websites and blogs talking about fat positive and fat acceptance. I just want to say thank you! Because of people like you and websites and blogs like yours, I am starting to see myself in a different lite. For once I am starting to feel human instead of some kind of freak of nature.

  4. Very good blog. I saw your comments at the Do No Harm blog.

  5. Found my way in here and am enjoying reading your posts. Thanks!

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