Living ~400lbs

… and believe me I am still alive

What does it say about our society

…  that my reaction to feeling low-energy and blah in the morning is “drink coffee” not “eat breakfast”?

(And yes, I spent my teen years either on a weight-loss diet or expected to be on a weight-loss diet.)

4 responses to “What does it say about our society”

  1. I am not a breakfast person. Unless it’s get up late and go to a restaurant and have them cook! Most mornings, I manage to eat a yogurt. Then mid-morning I am crashing and needing something FAST! Plus, if I take my morning meds when I wake up, I am not hungry at all! It’s like a breakfast!

  2. I know what you mean. Intellectually, I know that food is fuel. Realistically, coffee is so much cheaper, quicker and easier. But really, you’re in Seattle, right? Do you even HAVE the option to think differently? Haha…

    1. Hee! :) We are at 15 hours of daylight right now and climbing, so people might be drinking a little less coffee. On the other hand, if they’re finding it harder to sleep when the sun rises at 5:30, they might be drinking more…

  3. It could just mean that coffee is simpler than breakfast. I am not exactly a master chef when I’m still half-awake. Coffee is a nice solution. :)

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