What does it say about our society

…  that my reaction to feeling low-energy and blah in the morning is “drink coffee” not “eat breakfast”?

(And yes, I spent my teen years either on a weight-loss diet or expected to be on a weight-loss diet.)

4 thoughts on “What does it say about our society

  1. I am not a breakfast person. Unless it’s get up late and go to a restaurant and have them cook! Most mornings, I manage to eat a yogurt. Then mid-morning I am crashing and needing something FAST! Plus, if I take my morning meds when I wake up, I am not hungry at all! It’s like a breakfast!

  2. I know what you mean. Intellectually, I know that food is fuel. Realistically, coffee is so much cheaper, quicker and easier. But really, you’re in Seattle, right? Do you even HAVE the option to think differently? Haha…

    • Hee! :) We are at 15 hours of daylight right now and climbing, so people might be drinking a little less coffee. On the other hand, if they’re finding it harder to sleep when the sun rises at 5:30, they might be drinking more…

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