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Cool Video on Weight Bigotry


To quote SikaResult in the video: “I am healthy, but not thin.”  Note the images she chooses and how most of the video shows her exercising.

5 responses to “Cool Video on Weight Bigotry”

  1. I got choked up watching this. Kudos to her and her guts for posting the FACTS that need to be drilled into the simple minds our screwball society!!

  2. I paused the video and read the comments she had on screen. Now I am so depressed! I think I was triggered…

    This girl is amazing, by the way. I loved this message and want to give it to everyone!

    1. She’s making really good points. And I’m aspiring to be able to dance in a crouch like she does ;)

  3. I would love to be able to do a backbend! That’s something I’ve never been able to do even when I was young and fit. She sprang back up from it like it was nothing too!

  4. Fabulous video. Thanks for sharing!

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