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Kitchen Heroes

The man of the house made dinner tonight.  Not fancy — a steak stir-fry and garlic bread — but colorful and crunchy yummy.  It’s not uncommon, either.  I work longer hours and I have the longer commute.  A friend was over for dinner tonight and it was comfortable and normal.

Today, for some reason, it reminded me of this song by Talis Kimberley:

Funny how the heroes change
My childhood knights, you’d find it strange
To occupy the daydreams I have now
Sure you ride a white horse, wave a sword,
And pledge your honour to some liege lord,
But when you’ve spilled your blood and made your vow…

Someone rubbed the horse down and got the creature fed
Someone set the table and someone made the bed,
Someone cleaned the boots and fixed the tack, washed the clothes, and put it all back
With a flask of something good and strong that was brewed last year when the nights were long…

— from Kitchen Heroes

Tonight, I have a kitchen hero.  I am happy.

(You can hear the song at YouTube.)

4 responses to “Kitchen Heroes”

  1. I have a kitchen hero–he bakes. :) He used to do all the cooking, because I never really learned how and he used to cook for himself because, hey, you gotta eat. As I got more comfortable, I cooked more and discovered not only was I good at it, but I liked it. So now I do nearly all of the cooking and he does nearly all of the baking. And life is good.

  2. I aspire to have a kitchen hero someday…. for now I will be my own heroine :)

    1. Nothing wrong with being your own kitchen hero ;)

  3. It’s nice to hear appreciation for the “Kitchen Heroes”. I’ve been the hero of our kitchen for so many years, I’m pretty much taken for granted. :/

    Keep up the good work and don’t ever let your cooks forget how much they are appreciated!

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