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Death of a Bra

Two, actually.  In the last week two if the three Lilyette 908 size 44DDDs I have been wearing died. One snapped an underwire right in the middle.  The other has a hole in a strategic place:


But it’s not just the bras I’ve been wearing.  Several stores have told me the Lilyette 908 is discontinued.


I am aware that Venus by Cortland 7101 is similar, and I was able to find some.  I hope they continue to be made, at least as long as I find them comfortable.

10 responses to “Death of a Bra”

  1. My condolences on the deaths of your bras. Sending virtual flowers.

  2. I hate bras so much. I wear sports bras and I don’t like them much either. My sympathies on your loss. :) I hope you find a good replacement.

  3. I gave up wearing a bra back in the late 1990s, when I had my weight gain, given on my body I have rolls of flesh that stick out past the bosom, I thought past a certain weight I looked absurd with that part of my body all encased and holstered up. Maybe I am a semi-hippie or something but I hate bras. I asked myself why am I wearing something that makes me so uncomfortable? Even when mid-sized all the bras were way too tight. Now I am relatively flat-chested–a B cup, so this decision was easier made. But bras I think should go the way of corsets. I also am in the place where there is absolutely NO BRA on earth made in my size. Which is 56 B. LOL

    1. I’ve tried the no-bra method and I love it, but I feel so exposed sometimes. How do you deal with that?

      1. I second this question. I’ve started going braless around the house, but don’t feel comfortable letting my 44DDs hang lose in public.

        A good bra that fits right is a godsend, but finding one is usually a matter of luck, and finding the same one twice is worse! Even the same model and size in two different colours can fit differently!

  4. Have you tried eBay? I was able to get two brand-new Lilyette bras when my last favorite model died and had been discontinued. It’s worth a shot! :)

  5. I wear a 42DD. I like going braless in the house. A too tight bra hurts. Bras in my size tend to be expensive so I put off shopping for them. I wear ones with broken snaps, pull out of shape, etc. I know I shouldn’t since they don’t provide much support. I feel too lazy to throw out all my broken bras and buy ones that fit.

  6. If the remainder of the bra with the snapped underwire is still in good shape, you may be able to order a new wire and replace it. I know you can get them from places like this:

  7. Gah! My sympathies; my catastrophic bra failures always seem to happen in batches as well.

  8. If you live near a Nordstrom’s or specialty bra store (not Victoria’s Secret), go and get fitted. As a GG, I am inherently suspicious of DDD measurements, since department stores (and VS) tend to only carry up to that size.

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