Death of a Bra

Two, actually.  In the last week two if the three Lilyette 908 size 44DDDs I have been wearing died. One snapped an underwire right in the middle.  The other has a hole in a strategic place:


But it’s not just the bras I’ve been wearing.  Several stores have told me the Lilyette 908 is discontinued.


I am aware that Venus by Cortland 7101 is similar, and I was able to find some.  I hope they continue to be made, at least as long as I find them comfortable.

10 thoughts on “Death of a Bra

  1. I hate bras so much. I wear sports bras and I don’t like them much either. My sympathies on your loss. :) I hope you find a good replacement.

  2. I gave up wearing a bra back in the late 1990s, when I had my weight gain, given on my body I have rolls of flesh that stick out past the bosom, I thought past a certain weight I looked absurd with that part of my body all encased and holstered up. Maybe I am a semi-hippie or something but I hate bras. I asked myself why am I wearing something that makes me so uncomfortable? Even when mid-sized all the bras were way too tight. Now I am relatively flat-chested–a B cup, so this decision was easier made. But bras I think should go the way of corsets. I also am in the place where there is absolutely NO BRA on earth made in my size. Which is 56 B. LOL

      • I second this question. I’ve started going braless around the house, but don’t feel comfortable letting my 44DDs hang lose in public.

        A good bra that fits right is a godsend, but finding one is usually a matter of luck, and finding the same one twice is worse! Even the same model and size in two different colours can fit differently!

  3. Have you tried eBay? I was able to get two brand-new Lilyette bras when my last favorite model died and had been discontinued. It’s worth a shot! :)

  4. I wear a 42DD. I like going braless in the house. A too tight bra hurts. Bras in my size tend to be expensive so I put off shopping for them. I wear ones with broken snaps, pull out of shape, etc. I know I shouldn’t since they don’t provide much support. I feel too lazy to throw out all my broken bras and buy ones that fit.

  5. If you live near a Nordstrom’s or specialty bra store (not Victoria’s Secret), go and get fitted. As a GG, I am inherently suspicious of DDD measurements, since department stores (and VS) tend to only carry up to that size.

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