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Working For The Weekend

During dinner a friend pointed out that this weekend will be WorldCon, DragonCon, and PAX.

Toss in the Republican National Convention and my Twitter may EXPLODE….!!

Yes, it is indeed leading up to the American three-day weekend known as Labor Day. I will spend a couple nights in the mountains. What are your plans, if any?

8 responses to “Working For The Weekend”

  1. I want to fall clean my house. You know, tell my son and husband how to do it right! lol I just want to relax…

  2. I wish I had some exciting plans, but I guess I’ll be staying home crocheting & going for a run, & hopefully, maybe, cleaning up some of my paper mess.

    1. I also plan to do laundry.

  3. Husband & I are going to a family reunion this weekend so it will be good to finally just plain relax. I retired in June but they’re short-handed so they rehired me as a consultant and kept my 500-lb capacity desk chair just for me.

  4. I am at DragonCon! Since I am here with my partner and our three boys, I am also doing laundry. I remember the simple con days…hee

    1. Lately I’ve been helping schlep a vanful of sound gear to cons. But at least the speakers stay where I put then and don’t need clean clothes! :)

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