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Disney chat

I’ve had two emails since Friday about being fat at Walt Disney World.  I posted about a trip to WDW a few years ago, but if you want to share your experiences then go for it :-)

8 responses to “Disney chat”

  1. Size 24 at my last visit. (Two years ago) Went on everything. Yes, mobility problems would make Disney World a bitch, but I had switched from swimming laps to walking in prep for the trip a couple of months before we went… No issues, other than usual joint pain, which I do my best to ignore until it hits my range of motion, which it didn’t

    My ankles did swell like crazy because I wasn’t drinking enough water (didn’t want to take a lot of pee breaks).

  2. Disney World and Disneyland are far and away the most size-friendly amusement parks in the country. Universal had a bad bit of PR with Harry Potter but fixed the ride to make it a bit more accommodating, and generally is good about providing a few modified seats on its thrill rides when possible. Cedar Fair and Six Flags parks are much worse by comparison.

    As noted in your previous post, the only rides likely to be unable to accommodate large people are Sum of All Thrills in Innoventions at Epcot (a small but extreme motion simulator ride) and Cyberspace Mountain at DisneyQuest, which is similar. All of the major thrill rides are pretty accommodating. If you’re going with a fat partner, you may have to ride separately on Kali River Rapids (seatbelts weren’t long enough) but you will be able to ride. People with health issues (particularly high blood pressure) should probably skip the orange side of Mission: Space at Epcot, because the whole point of the ride is extreme G-forces, but the green side is fine. In addition, Disney is one of the rare parks that makes good non-thrill rides, and even if you don’t want to try squeezing into the Space Mountain cars, there’s plenty to do.

    Check out WDW at Large, It’s probably the best resource out there on visting WDW for “Pooh-sized” people.

  3. I’m curious to know if things are similar at Disneyland. We’re going to be doing a multi-generational Disneyland trip at Christmastime, and I’m a little nervous. I’m a 26/28 on the bottom and have two young kids I want to do everything with! Anybody know?

    1. Disneyland is the one in California right? My husband and I were just there this past August, and I didn’t have any troubles with any of the rides we went on – I wear 26/28 pants also.

      Same held true for the coasters at Seaworld – the Manta has a “riders of size” warning with a test seat, and it was a bit tight but not uncomfortably so. That was the only ride at either place where I needed the attendant to push the shoulder harness bar thingie all the way down, I just didn’t have enough leverage for the last click or two. But it wasn’t uncomfortably tight and it’s not like she had to force it… I just didn’t have leverage with my shoulders already pinned back heh.

  4. I am a Disney travel agent and I am fat. LoL. I go to the parks 2 or 3 times a year. I walk and walk and walk. I ride almost every ride and have a great time!!!! Let me know if you have any questions!!!

  5. My husband and I went to Disney World in May of 10, and pretty much the only issues I had were of my own doing. At the time, I weighed somewhere in the upper 280s to low 290s (I found out I was pregnant right after we got home, and at my first prenatal I was 292 but that was probably a little higher than normal since we had the premium dining plan with 3 full sit-down meals and 2 snacks a day and we enjoyed it greatly, lol) and about a size 22. I found primeval whirl to be a little tight closing, but it fit. We got soaked on the Kali River Rapids ride on the big splash, but my husband (probably 160ish at the time) were across from some very thin teenage girls, so I think the unbalanced weight may have turned us to go down backwards. I’d ridden it in high school on a band trip and was wearing a poncho just in case since a friend had ended up having to buy an entire Disney outfit including underwear since it was our last day and we weren’t going to have suitcase access until we got back to school the next morning.
    As far as mobility issues, I had a lot of trouble walking, but I also blistered the blisters on my feet the first day after making poor footwear choices and wearing an unbroken in pair of Wal-Mart walking sandals.That was completely unrelated to my size, though I do suggest in making sure you have good shoes since there is a lot of walking. There is a lot of great information on the All Ears site, and I highly recommend both their Disney at Large page and the rest of the site. We made reservations while my husband was deployed and since it was his first trip I let him have slightly more vote in our hotel and their resort pictures were probably the deciding factor in a Disney hotel versus Shades of Green (DoD run resort near the TTC).

  6. I am size 26/28 with a relatively small chest, my sister is the same size with a huge chest. We go to DisneyWorld several times a year, and have never had a problem with any ride. Disney is the best about accomodation.

    I’ve been to Universal Studios but not Islands of Adventure. We were able to ride everything in the Studios part with no problem.

    Busch Gardens in Florida was ok, was able to fit on most everything except the wooden coaster. Would have been fine with an extender, but they only have one, and they were kind of mean about it.

    Legoland in Florida was also suprising to me. I don’t have kids, but my boyfriend is a total Lego freak, so we have been several times. The rides are designed for a parent and child to sit side by side, so for an individual fatty, I fit just fine. I did need an extender for the wooden Dino Coaster, but they had two and were very quick and fine about it. The only two things in the park I couldn’t get on were the Technic Coaster and the Flight School Coaster.

    Outside of Florida, I recently went to Kings Dominion in Virginia. Total nightmare. If the ride as any sort of restraint outside of a standard lap bar, and you are bigger than a size 20, you aren’t going to make it. I had gone to take my nephew for his first roller coaster ride, and had to watch from the sidelines.

    The WDW at Large link from the first post is something I check pretty frequently, and any time I go to a new amusement park I try to prepare myself by typing in the name and fat in my search engine and seeing what I can find.

    1. Did your large chested sister have an issue with the over the head harnesses like rockin roller coaster?

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