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Music Monday

I spent the weekend volunteering at a craft fair. Lots of walking, lots of uncomfortable seating, lots of lifting.  Physically I’m sore, but I think it was good to have the break from reality that provided.

The craft fair also had some local bands performing during the day.  One mentioned a filk of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” that I really like. Lyrically it’s better than the original and set during The Empire Strikes Back with Han Solo and Princess Leia.  It starts with them singing largely past each other about Hoth:

Him: I’ve got to go away
       Her: but Baby it’s cold outside
This whole planet is
       Hoth isn’t very nice.
Cold as hell
       It’s a one-climate planet just ice
I’m worried about Luke out there
       It’s negative sixty degrees
He’s from a desert town
       And that’s not even counting the breeze

[…and eventually they’re talking with each other….]

Him: Whoa I thought Luke was your guy
       Her: He couldn’t use the force if he tried
I don’t think you know what you’re saying
       Why don’t you let me decide?
I think the cold has gone to your brain
       I’ve never been so sure in my life
So this is a thing?
       If you stay then you’ll find out
I’m not giving you a ring…
       I’m a princess, not a girl scout

Of course, if this had actually happened in the movie, it might have resulted in Luke dying and leaving Han and Leia to save the universe. Wait, they did that anyway … except for the Luke dying part, of course. ;)

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