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In Which I Get Fangirly

The most recent episode of The Big Bang Theory is a perfect example of what I hate and love about the show.

Sheldon’s “talking to” Alex? Terrible. Not just terrible in what was said (which it was) but also out of character. Sheldon isn’t good at reading emotions or dating, but he isn’t cruel.  Sheldon not asking his “Council of Ladies” what to say to Alex?  After he’d asked what to do?  Sheldon is nothing if not thorough; if he’d asked for help he’d have wanted a clear answer.

And yet, Leonard telling Penny:  “Are you feeling insecure? Because that’s my thing and if you take that away I don’t know what I’m bringing to this relationship.”  That’s amazing. Leonard is reassuring Penny, while also acknowledging that he has been insecure himself.


And the glasses?  Hubba hubba.

First I like that Penny flat-out ADMITS she finds science boring. But she is smart. She’s also an actress, so she does a little acting.  And Leonard’s reaction is sweet.  ;)

[Note: These clips do not include fat jokes, but the show does have some. Please do not start watching the show if this will be a dealbreaker for you.]

6 responses to “In Which I Get Fangirly”

  1. There was so much to love and hate about that episode for sure. I could NOT believe the shit coming out of Sheldon’s mouth re: women, biological destiny, etc. I wanted to throw my remote at the TV. And the way the audience was reacting, both with laughter (ha ha! Of course she’s mad! She must be pms-ing!) and ‘oooh’ as in ‘oooh man, I can’t believe he said that’ was equally bad and good. UGH. Sheldon! Hit puberty already!

    1. I think some of the laughter was shock, too, or “OMG Sheldon’s digging himself a bigger hole to fall into…”

  2. I find it ironic that the parts that made me laugh the most dealt with Penny and Leonard and the whole insecurity issue while the parts that made me cringe the most dealt with Sheldon’s “conversation” with Alex. It definitely made for an awkward, completely out-of-character moment for Sheldon. I suspect they thought it sounded more scientific and technical coming out of his mouth, but instead, it came off as misogynistic and demeaning. So, while I really enjoyed the sweet moments with Penny and Leonard and dealing with mutual insecurity in a relationship, the part with Sheldon left me wishing they’d handled that in a far less patronizing and misogynistic manner.

    1. On the other hand, this was re-run tonight and reminded me that Sheldon isn’t exactly the most sex-positive person….

  3. “molceules” B-)

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