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Allergist update

Image from the Rudd Center Image Gallery
Image from the Rudd Center Image Gallery

Had a follow-up appointment with the allergist last week.

It was nice to confirm that the new meds and cleaning regimen not only feels good for me, I did better on the lung capacity test this time than on my first visit.

It was nice to confirm that needing to use albuterol prior to aerobic exercise is expected (exercise is an asthma trigger, especially if combined with cold air).  Albuterol is also my “rescue” med, which I use when my asthma symptoms worsen.  I haven’t been needing to use it as a rescue med for weeks, which is great.

I also agreed to start immunotherapy shots for my allergic triggers (dust mites, grass, pet dander).  It’ll take a few years, but hopefully it will reduce my allergic triggers in the long term.

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  1. I am so happy to hear of your improvement! I wish I could do something with this diabetes that would work. Blood sugars are continually high and it doesn’t matter what the heck I eat. I am so sick of trying that I have given up. The doctor wants me to go to a specialist and I can’t do that. We live in a rural area and the closest specialist that I could go to is associated with a very poor hospital so that means I would have to go to Little Rock, too far away. I am so happy for you though!

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