Convenient Seat Belt Extenders for Cars

IMG_20130302_135115I’ve mentioned before that I have a seat belt extender for my car (provided by Toyota). In other cars I often use a shoulder/lap belt as a lap belt only, which is less safe, but the only way I can buckle the seat belt.   The friend I carpool with recently got a new car, and once again, the seat belt is too small — it was tight even with the shoulder belt behind me.

So I started googling and discovered there’s more available out there than the last time I checked.. In particular, there’s more alternatives to the “permanently install item in the car” items.   An important question for “click-in” extenders is the size and type of the metal tongue.  Type A  has a 7/8″ wide metal tongue.  Another is type B, with a 1″ wide metal tongue. Between the two they will fit most cars.

There are a few other types, including the tongue type used by Hondas and the tongue type for GM cars made 1968-1999.   They also come in a few different styles.

I ended up ordering a 2-Pack of Car Seat Belt Extenders, 1 type A and another type B.  Thanks to the 7/8″ extender I was able to wear the 3-point seat belt properly in my carpool yesterday.  I also intend to take them with me if I’m renting a car.

Update: Turns out my carpool buddy asked about extenders while buying the car at the dealership and picked some up today gratis.  :) I’m still glad I have some for travel but was definitely a nice move on the Ford dealership’s part.



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11 responses to “Convenient Seat Belt Extenders for Cars”

  1. extendedrecovery Avatar

    Sometimes I feel like I could use one because of my boobs. :P

    1. Living 400lbs Avatar

      They do move the pivot point of the belt over ;)

  2. Huldra Avatar

    Do you find that newer cars have longer belts? My own car and the cars of most of my friends have belts that only just do up, giving me no freedom of movement, but hire cars, which are typically less than a year old, tend to have longer and more comfortable belts. And back seats tend to have shorter belts than front seats, so I try to sit in the front when possible.

    1. Living 400lbs Avatar

      Honestly – it varies! I need an extender in my 2002. In the man of the house’s 2004 car I don’t. A friend’s used van has really long belts but carpool friend’s car has barely 100 miles on it and I could barely wear the belt as a lap belt without an extender. :)

  3. O.C. Avatar

    I was messing around on the Nissan website the other day, imagining I was buying a Cube. Among the options that popped up, unprompted, was a seat belt extender! I added it to my pretend car, because hell, if they’re offering, I’d buy one just to, as you say, move the belt’s pivot point. I wouldn’t have sought one out, but if it’s offered, I’ll buy it. Score one for Nissan, for making that process easier, and (if I ever actually buy a car) getting some extra money out of me with almost no effort.

  4. The Well-Rounded Mama Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this information! Great post and great links for resources.

    Seat belt size really varies a lot. I don’t usually have issues with it, but once in a while, in some cars, I do. So it’s great to know of a resource for extenders.

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  7. Eva Smyers Avatar
    Eva Smyers

    Hi I’m having an issue and maybe you could help me. My husband and I traded vehicles and to my dismay his seat belt doesn’t fit me (only 2 inches before it could clickety) and so I’ve found myself trying to find a seat belt extender. Instead of talking to Chevrolet about extenders, do you think or know if amazon has a seat belt extender than can fit the tounge of a 1993 Chevy s10 Tahoe? It’s not with a straight tongue but has kind of a circular one. I just need help. I appreciate any info you can give me. I’m just so overwhelmed.

    1. Living 400lbs Avatar

      Amazon is probably easiest :)

      1. Michele Pole Avatar
        Michele Pole

        I just had this issue and I was looking online to buy one. Then I saw where Ford, by law, has to supply an extender at no charge. I called up and they ordered me 2, FOR FREE :) I thought I would need one for driver and passenger side but turns out one works for both. I thought for sure that I would still need to order a longer extender but to my surprise IT WORKS!! Try and get one from your local Chevy dealer for FREE! If it doesn’t fit then try ordering one from online. I was looking at

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