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N things make a post

17) It’s the 17th week of 2013. I think.

12) I’ve been married 12 years.

11) My car (which currently isn’t starting) is 11 years old.  Probably needs a new battery.

8) I’ve interviewed eight potential coworkers recently.

5) Five loads of laundry today. This is not counting the mattress cover and comforter, which went in the dryer on high to kill dust mites.

3) I worked late 3 nights last week. (Planning not to do that this week.)

2) Two electrostatic air filters washed.

1) Sounders won their game 1-0.

What’s notable with you today?

2 responses to “N things make a post”

  1. Are you allergic to dust, too, or is this for asthma reasons?

    1. Yes! :-) I test as allergic to dust mites on a skin test and a trigger for asthma. Reducing or avoiding dust mites helps control both.

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