I Read This And It Changed My Life

Readers like to talk about books they’ve read.  And one thing you’ll hear about sometimes is “this book changed my life.”   Maybe it was a book that made you feel less alone, or changed how you see the world, or inspired you.

But sometimes they’re more mundane than that.

Dealing with my father’s finances reinforced for me how differently I deal with finances than my parents did.  And a big reason why is that I read Personal Finance For Dummies by Eric Tyson shortly after I graduated college.   There are probably other books that could’ve done the job, but this was the one I found and that worked for me.  It was accessible, practical, and yes, inspiring.  This book encouraged me to reduce and track my spending, to pay off my college loans early, and to live differently than my parents had shown me.

It may not be what most people mean by “this book changed my life.” But I no longer get daily phone calls from creditors. That’s a big enough thing to me.



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3 responses to “I Read This And It Changed My Life”

  1. tehomet Avatar

    The book that changed my life was Down with Superwoman by Shirley Conran. It’s ostensibly a housekeeping manual, believe it or not, but the advice in it is invaluable for running a business, coping with toxic relationships, managing time and dealing with stress, amongst other things.

    I guess wisdom is where you find it. :)

  2. […] would have rescued our parents. — Alain de Botton I saw this on Tumblr and … yes.  I learned to manage my money better than my parents.  I looked for the size acceptance my mother sought for in diet pills and Ayds.  I avoid the […]

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