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Best (Worst?) Things I’ve Read Today

In the coverage of this fat-hating, scientifically inaccurate, harmful mess, I’ve seen a lot of variations on calling out Miller for hitting out the send button impulsively or failing to properly censor himself. But the problem isn’t that Miller broadcast this bigotry in a public venue. The problem is that he holds this bigoted view at all.

Melissa McEwan at Shakesville

Maybe Zimmerman should have saved the money donated to him for his defense to actually pay for his defense instead of using ~$213,000 of it to bail himself out of jail and live out of a hotel.

—  rhysande’s comment on ONTD-Political

My existence challenges everything that you’ve been told to believe about me, which makes you uncomfortable. And instead of getting to know me, you cast hate and anger at me. Hoping that your negativity will tell me to quit, hoping that I will amount to the nothing you desperately want me to be, and hoping that your negativity will give you a voice for a moment.

“On being a proud teen mom: I don’t hate myself  as much as you wish I did” by Gloria Malone

Believe it or not, getting rid of contraception and abortion isn’t going to lead to improved women’s health.

Libby Anne at Love, Joy, Feminism

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