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I think I discovered Absolutely Fabulous at the right time for me – I was on my own and trying to disconnect from family dysfunction.  The stone-faced Saffron politely telling her mother off became one of my icons of rationality.

Well, why is today such a panic, anyway? It’s only a fashion show, and you’ve had six months to prepare it.[…] Greater feats have been achieved in less time and with less fuss.  — Fashion

Tonight on YouTube I found the original French & Saunders sketch that the show was based on.  Two things in particular caused me to pause and re-play to get written:

Mother: “I think you’d be a lot happier if you shed a few stone.”

Daughter: “No, YOU’d be a lot happier.”

And, again from the daughter:

Mom. Would you please stop swearing? It’s not clever, it’s not funny, and nobody’s in the slightest bit impressed.

….I’m tempted to use that on some coworkers. ;)

3 responses to “AbFab”

  1. AbFab is on my list of “I should watch that someday” shows.

    Speaking of such lists, the science fiction book convention that I sometimes go to, Boskone, will have Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant (who I mostly know about because of you) as its guest of honor this year. I’d been meaning to check out her books; now there’s sort of a deadline. (And Jane Yolen will be there. She’s a smart lady.)

    I also had a goal of reading all the books I bought at Boskone before the next Boskone. There’s still time!

    1. Indeed there’s still time!

      It may be odd now, but I first encountered Seanan through filk, then followed her books as they came out. :-)

  2. Glorious! I’m a huge AbFab fan, even poor Eddie’s constant attempts to lose weight are presented as funny in that sad but true way Saunders and French do so well. And Patsy who hasn’t eaten since 1973 and has osteoporosis so bad she broke and ankle putting on stilettos…. Just grand.

    Interesting that in the show it’s the daughter who is constantly calling her mom fat, instead of vice versa. Saffy is pretty awful to her mom sometimes, but absolutely no one can blame her! Her mom is awful to her.

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