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The company I’ve worked at for the last three years has parties for Halloween & trick-or-treating in the office. I’ve sometimes felt strange, in past years, to be the fat lady handing out candy.  (No cultural baggage there…!)

This is the second company I’ve worked at to do the full-on trick-or-treating. Some years at the old company I stamped kids’ hands with bats and cats, but I gave my rubber stamps away in an uncluttering binge. So I stopped by the party store on the way home Tuesday.


I’m giving out small toys this year. It’ll be different, and the kids might like the variety. Besides, leftover kazoos might be fun.

6 responses to “Halloween”

  1. I’d say they’ll be delighted. Happy Hallowe’en!

  2. I think those toys are darling. Neither my husband nor I will be home tonight, so no trick or treaters for us either way.

    Did you change your post because the one in my email mentioned something about fair trade chocolate? I think a lot of people have pet issues where we boycott products in an effort to the make the world a more equitable place, but we can really only go so far or we’d be sitting around naked, hungry, and computer-less.

    1. Yes, I decided to change the focus. :-)

  3. My daughter who works at your company is a fat teacher of Muggle Studies this year. She is passing out candy there and at the food bank…Enjoy the holidays!

  4. I meant to leave this comment earlier (I read the post at work) and it’s kind of late, but what the heck: I gave out a few 1 oz bags of barbecue flavored chips at Halloween, and the kids seemed much more excited about them than about the other candies, probably because not many houses were handing chips out. It made me wish I had more of them to give out. (I was giving them out to use them up, because I bought a multi-pack of chips and my fiance and I don’t like the barbecue flavor.)

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