Living ~400lbs

… and believe me I am still alive

2013 at Living 400lbs

Most-read posts / pages:

  1. Day in the Life
  2. About
  3. Barefoot Contessa
  4. How Do You Comfort Sore Muscles?
  5. Fat Clothing Catalogs…
  6. Day in the Life: Shower, Chafing, & Jock Itch
  7. But…!
  8. Disney World
  9. What If You’re Too Big For Lane Bryant?
  10. Exercise

Some more amusing search terms:

  • unicorns are real they’re just fat and gray and we call them rhinos
  • rhetorical question about obesity
  • what size is 30/32 plus size
  • cyberspace mountain weight
  • 400 hundred pounds woman sex lessons while dancing

Some that have me rolling my eyes at the denial involved:

  • what do you eat in a day morbidly obese  — people’s eating habits vary. 
  • do all obese people have diabetes — no 
  • why don’t super obese people have diabetes — genetics, stress, luck? 

Those are outliers though.  Most people find this blog by searching for a variation of the blog name -or- on something to do with Ina Garten.  (Seriously, I don’t know why.  Maybe I need to post more about Dawn French?)   Others find this blog from links on other sites.  In the past year Shakesville, Reddit, The Fat Nutritionist, Twitter, a HuffPo post, and Fat Heffalump sent a lot of people here.

Whether you’re new here or just found this site recently, relax and be welcome.  :)

6 responses to “2013 at Living 400lbs”

  1. All I can say is I would be happy to read more about Dawn French. So write about her any time you like, thankyouverymuch.

  2. Huffpost sent me here. I appreciate this blog so much. Your honesty is admirable. :)

  3. Thank you for posting a link to the clothing catalogues etc. Do you have any other recommendations?

  4. I do a lot of sewing because of my size but can’t find anything new out there for the past couple of years. Do you know of any pattern companys that make sizes beyond a 4X? I think I have most of Connie’s Patterns but need more comfortable styles. Also, are there any new clothing catalogues carrying sizes 4-5X? I get Romans, Lane Brayant, OneStopPlus and several others that have been around forever.

  5. Thank you for this blog .

  6. Well that “cyberspace mountain weight” sounds really strange.

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