It Came From The Search Terms

Seat belt extender, attached

Seat belt extender, attached

Once again, a post inspired by search terms used to reach my site.

how much does a woman who wears a 5x weigh

This probably depends on the woman’s height, amount of muscle, and how many limbs have been replaced with cybernetics.  Really, some of those are heavy.

what are the rules about having to buy an extra airline seat?

Depends on the airline – and you’ll probably want to call to book 2 seats.  Related posts are Day in the Life: Buying Plane Tickets and Flying While 400lbs.

alaska airlines seat size

Check out

“do all overweight people”

I doubt it.

seat belt extenders walmart

No idea. I got mine from the dealer and

im a 400 pound man is there a tool to help wipe bottom

If you’re reading this, I hope you look at the options at Amplestuff, Oversize Solutions, or Amazon also has an option that works with toilet paper or a wet wipe, with a button release for sanitary disposal. There are also portable bidets available at Amplestuff and, again, (This is FYI only, I don’t have actual experience with any of these devices.)

will i be too fat for the rides at disney world

I generally wasn’t, but it depends on your size & the ride. :)

It Came From The Search Terms

When you go to a page by searching Google (or whatev) it very nicely let your sites know what you searched on.  WordPress aggregates this for its users.  Some of them are fun.

how do morbidly obese people get dressed

Once you manage to buy the clothes it’s not all that different….

how some will look if they weighed 400 lbs at 6 foot 2 inches

Depends on the person, but see the photographic height/weight chart.

what it’s loke to be fat

The interesting thing about that one was that it wasn’t just a 1-time misspelling — 7 hits with that one phrase.

It Came From the Search Terms

how does 400 pound have sex

400 pound what? If you mean £400 I’m not sure.

blogs about being obese


what to do super morbidly obese

What do you want to do?

what size is 6x plus

Oh dear, plus size sizing is NOT for the weak.  For example, I wear 5x at Making It Big, except when I wear a size 4x or a size 6x.  I recently joined Gwynnie Bee, in part, to try more clothes from vendors I’ve been unsure about committing myself too (and I’ve discovered I can rock a 30/32 IGIGI dress, which may be an EXPENSIVE thing to learn).  Oh, and how did I learn about Gwynnie Bee? From Marianne Kirby, which brings us back to how plus sizes make no sense.

yoga pants bbw

You know all those stretch knit elastic-waist pants that everyone sells for fatties?

what sizes does lane bryant carry


4x – 9x clothing for women

Already answered – be sure to check out the comments & also this list of resources.

what size do you need a seatbelt extender

Depends on the person and the seatbelt.   Check out these posts.

 swimwear for morbidly obese

For women, this post. For men, Casual Male.

what is the largest scrub size you can buy

Plus Woman sells clothing from 1x to 10x, including scrubs.  They make a lot of things to order so you can pick fabric and so on.

2013 at Living 400lbs

Most-read posts / pages:

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  5. Fat Clothing Catalogs…
  6. Day in the Life: Shower, Chafing, & Jock Itch
  7. But…!
  8. Disney World
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  10. Exercise

Some more amusing search terms:

  • unicorns are real they’re just fat and gray and we call them rhinos
  • rhetorical question about obesity
  • what size is 30/32 plus size
  • cyberspace mountain weight
  • 400 hundred pounds woman sex lessons while dancing

Some that have me rolling my eyes at the denial involved:

  • what do you eat in a day morbidly obese  — people’s eating habits vary. 
  • do all obese people have diabetes — no 
  • why don’t super obese people have diabetes — genetics, stress, luck? 

Those are outliers though.  Most people find this blog by searching for a variation of the blog name -or- on something to do with Ina Garten.  (Seriously, I don’t know why.  Maybe I need to post more about Dawn French?)   Others find this blog from links on other sites.  In the past year Shakesville, Reddit, The Fat Nutritionist, Twitter, a HuffPo post, and Fat Heffalump sent a lot of people here.

Whether you’re new here or just found this site recently, relax and be welcome.  :)

Q&A, or, More Fun With Search Terms

I’m bored, so I’m going to treat some of the search terms for this blog as questions. I may have gotten a touch silly on these. Void where prohibited by law.

why don’t really fat people have diabetes

The pancreas wants what the pancreas wants.

earrings around 400 pounds


making kraft dinner from scratch

If it’s from scratch, it’s not really Kraft Dinner, is it?

inexpensive women’s size 7x clothing

Try Woman Within clearance.  Or eBay.  Good luck!

why were people so skinny in the 70s

Weight Watchers recipes! Also, they hadn’t quit smoking yet.

showering with a full stomach causes fat?


how to get car out if someone parked too close

Get in another door and scoot. (May require a car you can scoot in; best to acquire in advance.)

will naproxen sodium make me less sore


will 45 in seatbelt be long enough for a 350lb woman?

I think measuring might help.

colonic for flu

No.  Just….no.

Fun With Search Terms

WordPress helpfully provides a list of the terms peopled searched on to get to this site.

Some of the odder ones:

  • how to photograph the life of an obese person
  • 50+ super obese women is there a market for this
  • magickal weight loss necklace review
  • different pant cuts

And the “HOW did that get you to my site???” ones:

  • sweet potatoe boobs sex
  • kd with garlic?
  • need sex so bad blow baboon

….and from my search terms I’ve learned that is apparently gone.

Day in the Life: the search term

One of the more popular search terms leading people to my blog lately has been “day in the life of an obese person,” leading to the series I did when I first started the blog. Being curious, I googled it. Some of the highest results? “News” stories about people in fat suits. Because seeing how a thin teen’s acquaintances react to their seeming to gain 80lbs overnight is so typical of the fat experience!  Not to mention wearing an unfamiliar, bulky suit is just like walking in your own body!  That’s why a 3rd grader on stilts moves and feels just like a 6′ tall adult! It’s much more “objective” than actually studying a broad sample of fat people – or even showing actual fat people (with heads) who choose to speak out.

I don’t think that every superfat person has the exact same experiences I do.  Far from it!  I also know there is a lot of myths about fat people out there.    I can’t speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself, and those myths do not apply.

If you’re curious, my day in the life posts are linked to