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Music Monday: “Shut Up, Men Are Talking”

To quote the artist, Brooke Abbey:

I read this great article by Mary Beard:

…and this fell out.

We’re sick of your death threats
And “We’re Not All Like That”s
Make space at the table and open your ears
Make space at the table and open your ears

Full lyrics and download are at Brooke Abbey’s Bandcamp page. 

One response to “Music Monday: “Shut Up, Men Are Talking””

  1. Thank you for introducing me to that LRB article and thought-provoking author. In the beginning I was asking whether she was overstating her case. “Yeah, but what about Deborah from the book of Judges? And aren’t there other examples?” At the end I was thinking only, “What about Debra? Who is her example? What is she to do?” Even if Beard is ignoring some exceptions to the rule. The rule is scary powerful.

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