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Music Monday

Kathy Mar
Kathy Mar (image from

Kathy Mar has been making folk and filk music longer than a lot of people have been around.  She was a professional folksinger and street performer in Denver before she discovered filk, the music of science fiction & fantasy fandom.  She’s gone on to record several filk albums and won awards in filk music.

And yes, she is a woman of size.

One of her songs from 1988 is still as timely as it was then.

We are surrounded by technology a flood that’s rising still
And we are praying we’ll survive it or we’re sure we never will
And all our speed and skill and reach will soon be taking us to space
It’s a great day in the morning for our funny human race
But we’re frightened of our future and we’re scared to move along
So we scream that our technology is dangerous and wrong
Back-to-nature cannot save us but the stars could be our crown
If we can drink up this river before we drown has a great version of “Drink Up The River” and other songs of Kathy’s.

A more recent image of Kathy (via Wikipedia).
A more recent image of Kathy (via Wikipedia).

2 responses to “Music Monday”

  1. I am not a fan of folk-style music in general. No offense to people that are fans, it’s just a personal preference. But I do like those lyrics.

    Scientific research gone horribly awry and creating zombies, plagues, or some other catastrophe makes for fun movies, but I think too many people push past “adapting to technological innovations is hard work” and go to “therefore, technological innovations are bad”.

    … plus of course, new knowledge often forces us to question our health-related, political, or religious beliefs and it takes strength of character to be open to the possibility that something we fervently believed could be wrong.

  2. I am a semi-Luddite, and never have owned a cellphone or a smart phone even. I don’t plan to either for my own personal reasons. You will never see me use a self check out computer, I believe technology is taking away too many jobs.

    If I was healthier, I may go to a more back to the land lifestyle. I got culture shock leaving my more rural town 7 years ago coming to a more modern place, old fashioned to me is good. I liked her song though and have a interest in folk music even if I did not agree with the lyrics.

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