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The “What if you’re too big for Lane Bryant” post appears to be permanently hanging in the “Top Posts & Pages” list, I swear. Yes, I am still (mostly) too fat for LB, though I do sometimes get bras and tees there (and Seanan McGuire helpfully tweeted today that it’s “buy 2, get 2 free” bra time.)

In other clothes stuff…

I’m still getting things from Gwynnie Bee. On the good side, I’m learning things like “IGIGI 5x tends to fit me” and “Kiyonna 5X doesn’t fit me”.  On the bad side, some of the dry clean only items itch and several items I’ve had to hang to let the cleaner smell dissipate. Now I’m worried that I’m allergic to their cleaners.  Sigh.

Inspired by Anthea Butler’s tweet about the “Ordain Women” founder‘s excommunication from the LDS church including “underwear“, I did some googling.  As I am not a church member, I could not order or view the garments in the online store. However I was able to view sizing information in the “Help” on the LDS website.  It appears I’m too fat for the garments available. I don’t know if it’s acceptable for LDS members to make their own.

In cheerier news, my new Elomi bra really improves my posture.

I got some comfy Keen sandals for summer.

Finally, since realizing that yes, there are ingredients in sunscreen which can make skin more sensitive in sun AND my recent “fine in shade and itchy / inflamed in the sun” experience with sunscreen, I have accepted my fate. Some short-sleeve mock turtlenecks from should arrive soon.

6 responses to “So…Clothes”

  1. Have you tried sunscreen by Roche Posay?
    Have you tried Dryel Home dry cleaning products?

    1. Lately I’ve been using Aveeno Baby sunscreen and it does itch less than others I’ve tried – but even it itches on my hands. Last Sounders game I went to I wore cotton gloves & a sun hat.

      Dryel, no, because I avoid “Dry Clean Only” clothes in general. (It’s one of the luxuries of working in the t-shirt & jeans type of software.) Gwynnie Bee cleans clothing before sending them (for all I know using Dryel!)

  2. I use an Aveeno sunblock, but have you tried a powder sunblock? There’s a few kinds, but a cheap one is Eyes Lips Face

    Most of the powder ones tend to be zinc powder over chemical sunscreen. Zinc is SUPER good for your skin (it helps on like every kind of rash, it’s what’s in diaper rash cream) so maybe it might help if you get a physical sunblock versus a chemical sunscreen?

    There’s a website… the EWG does a sunscreen guide. So you could look around and maybe find one that would work better for you.

  3. I have that Elomi bra too! Not only is it supportive, it’s really pretty, isn’t it? :)

    Good luck with the photosensitivity. I have no advice, just sympathy. I break out in itchy rashes in the spring, but after a few sun exposures it stops. I hope you can cover up in a comfortable way and avoid the itchies.

  4. Re: LDS garments. I’m a superfat Mormon, definitely too big for Lane Bryant, and I have no problem getting ones that fit. (Some fabrics might not go all the way up. I just know the kinds I like do.) They tend to run large. Also, if needed, you can get a custom order at no extra cost.

  5. Tiffany Manning Avatar
    Tiffany Manning

    This is so helpful. Please don’t stop or randomly decide to take these posts down!

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