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This isn’t a Christian blog per se, but I loved this so much I want to share it.

From a comment by Ursula L on Rachel Held Evans’ blog:

When I see Christian churches treat women as second class, and QUILTBAG people as second class, the inevitable and obvious conclusion is that Christianity is a discriminatory and immoral religion, and it is immoral to be Christian.

When you speak up, while it doesn’t redeem Christianity in general or all the awful people who promote and believe in discrimination, it does at least make Christianity look not completely morally irredeemable, not a completely unified force of awfulness.

If they’re worried about how divisiveness looks, they should also consider how it looks to be utterly unified in the cause of oppression and discrimination. (Hint. Much worse.)

I am a Christian. Yes, I believe women belong in the leadership as well as men. I also believe that justice requires treating people as people. To quote Fred Clark at Slacktivist, “Evangelical morality is not losing the argument because it is insufficiently “progressive.” Evangelical morality is losing the argument because it is insufficiently moral.”

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  1. And to that, this atheist says amen.

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