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Quote of the Day

In dealing with the “encouragers” who want you to eat less, move more, and maybe have a few organs amputated to lose weight:

These fat hating types don’t know you and they don’t want to. They don’t care to know if you are or aren’t doing sit ups or exercising or what you really eat. And they don’t care. Their objective is to make you feel bad for being fat. It’s that simple. They’re sadists and nothing but suffering satisfies them.

These assholes will scream “why don’t you get on a treadmill fatty!” even if you’ve just gotten off one. They’ll just shout, “Stay on longer until you’re thin, lard ass!” They don’t care if you just found out you’re 25lbs lighter, even. So long as you are fat, they hate you and want you to suffer.

But when you figure that out, things can come into focus. You can start understanding that you’re not gonna argue your way to them being lesser douchewads than they were. They will never not hate you. That makes them the one with something deeply wrong about them, not you.

The winning move here is simple (but not easy): live the happiest and best life you can right this minute, as you are. Be good to others and yourself, try your hardest, and enjoy as much as you can about being on this Earth while you are here.

Sadists hate your happiness, so I suggest cultivating as much of it as you can, as you are, right this minute, as you are.

Madame Thursday

3 responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. Good quote. At a previous job, a coworker made some off-hand comment that it was so difficult for her to stay at her current size and not get larger. Another coworker said, “It’s not too difficult to me, but I average about an hour of strenuous exercise every day.” The first speaker said, “So do I” and changed the subject.

    I worked with both people for years – from previous private conversations, both were telling the truth about their exercise schedule. But of course, the second person was making the all too common assumption that most people who gain weight easily are sedentary. That’s not true, the first person was every bit as active.

  2. I like how you think. I appears that those who ridicule those of us who are “weight challenged” only do so to make THEMSELVES feel better. It’s very sad.

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