I suppose I should be glad…

I look at clothes and think of how they’re like other clothes that I already have. Do I need more clothes? Or do I need to do laundry more often?

Sadly, “just wash clothes more frequently” is the easiest option…







2 responses to “I suppose I should be glad…”

  1. Denise Avatar

    I just got a box of my clothes that has been in storage since we moved in 2014. It was great, they all still fit (I haven’t gained or lost any weight, which I consider the safest option), and I now have a bunch of “new” clothes that I didn’t have to shop for. And I had really missed some of them. Win!

    1. Living 400lbs Avatar

      Cool! I still run across those too – still unpacking, and still haven’t found my red-and-black hoodie. :)

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