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  • How Do You Comfort Sore Muscles?

    As littem noted today, sore muscles are a big reason to not exercise.  It’s not uncommon to start a workout program and end up pretty sore the day after exercising.  (Or to end up sore after going dancing or walking all over Disneyland.)  What to do? First, the bad news: It’s supposed to hurt some… Continue reading

  • Starter Strength Training Moves

    [In response to the “You weigh 400lbs and you exercise???  How can I start??” emails, I seem to be doing a “how-to” series on exercise.  Skip it if it doesn’t interest you.] Strength training is often seen as weight lifting, but you don’t have to use weights, so for this post I’m going to assume… Continue reading

  • Aerobics at Home

    (This is based on Paige’s comment on the Why Go to the Gym? post.  My reply was getting awfully long, and I thought other folks who read this blog would have good input too. ) [J]ust going outside to walk isn’t an option 8 out of 12 months in the year… Reason being, going outside… Continue reading

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