Why go shopping with thinner friends…

…especially if you don’t wear normal department-store sizes and your friend does?   Simple.

Because even though my size 14/16/18 friend can find so many more clothes of her size to try on, she still has to deal with:

  • Inconsistent sizing.   (That’s why she’s a size 14/16/18 friend ; ) 
  • Clothes that aren’t cut for her body.  
  • Clothes that fit her top but not her bottom.
  • Clothes that fit her bottom but not her top. 
  • Clothes that fit, but don’t come in a color that looks good on her. 
  • Clothes that fit and look good, but go with nothing else that she owns. 
  • Clothes that fit and look good and go with her wardrobe, but are dry clean only or leather clean only. 
  • Clothes that fit and look good but cost more than her annual clothing budget. 
  • Clothes that fit and look good and are priced great, but are for a totally different person’s life.
  • Clothes that just aren’t flattering for her at all.  

In other words: It’s useful to be reminded that it’s not just being fat that makes finding ready-to-wear hard.  It’s that often, ready-to-wear just isn’t.

6 thoughts on “Why go shopping with thinner friends…

  1. Heh. This is very much why I learned to sew! Well, more than that — why I learned to draft patterns. There are some RTW issues that are fixed by knowing how to sew from a commercial pattern such as color, fabric and harmony with one’s wardrobe.

    Issues of fit are not so easily solved with RTW. I had to redraft a SHELL so that it fit properly and was flattering on me when I did a wardrobing project not too long ago.

  2. Indeed. And all of these points hold true in “straight” sizes, too. I would love stores that carried a wider range of sizes so that I could go shopping with my plus-size friends; we all complain about the same things. Yes, I’m privileged in that there are about 239857293875023985209 size 8s on the rack; however, maybe 1 or 2 of them (if any) will actually fit well, be comfortable, and look good on me.

  3. This is why I invested in some Etsy clothes. It’s nice to work with people who can take into account that your top is 1-2 sizes bigger than your bottom and are willing to accommodate you. I’m thinking it would be worth it to invest in 1 piece per year that is a classic. Oh and Lindsay, I hear you about your husband — mine has to look in the boys husky dept. to find clothes (and make sure they’re free of Superman of Sponge Bob patches)!

  4. I’m a size 2 and I can’t find clothes that fit well in department stores like Target or JC Penney. I certainly wouldn’t try to suggest that it is as difficult for me as it is size for a plus sized women, but I just want to make it clear that its hard across the board!

    I am able to find clothes that fit me in Banana Republic, Benneton, Ann Taylor and comparable stores – but they often don’t fit my budget! You win some and you lose some!

    As I get older and start to feel kind of silly wearing clothes from H&M or Forever 21, I’m realizing that I will either have to make more money or gain more weight to shop thriftily!

    Thanks for this post!

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