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Tongue-in-cheek Lenten Poll :)

10 responses to “Tongue-in-cheek Lenten Poll :)”

  1. I want to point out that my reasons for #3 are entirely because I LOVE the smell and taste of bacon but don’t really like the texture. I find it very disappointing on its own but quite tasty when in other things. Mmm maybe there will be bacony dinner tomorrow night.

    1. Interesting. I put in #3 because I find the flavor a strong counterpoint to many things (eggs, pizza, seafood, soups, stews, etc) but too salty to eat much straight.

      1. I could see that, too. I’m way overly sensitive to the taste of salt and will often find moderately salty food inedible. So maybe that’s part of why I’m always disappointed when eating bacon straight, since you don’t really smell the saltiness.

        You forgot pasta! That’s the best one :). Though I made this poached egg over polenta topped with breadcrumb and onion dish a few weeks ago and am itching to make it again with some bacon mixed into the topping.

  2. I’m facing time on the Purgatory meat rack for last Friday’s lunch:

    I remembered not to order the hamburger I wanted, but forgot to take the bacon crumbles off my cheese and broccoli soup until I was halfway done. . . and then I didn’t take the rest off before finishing the bowlful.

    Ah, guilt. It’s what’s for dinner . . .

    1. :) I have been making cheese omelets for breakfast most Fridays, and have to keep reminding myself not to put bacon bits in. Or to put bacon bits in mac’n’cheese.

      1. That sounds really good, darn it.

        I was going to make my homemade Mac & Cheese (even my MIL likes it), but now it would seem so plain without that pound of smoked sausage I have in the fridge . . .

        Guess I’ll haul out the frozen tilapia . . .

        1. If the man of the house is working late we will likely be going out for dinner (I meet him near his office).

          If not, then I’ll probably make clam spaghetti (chopped onion, minced garlic, olive oil, canned clams, lots of basil & Parmesan…)

  3. I’m going to go with “It’s meat.” I like bacon with my eggs once in a while, and sometimes it’s good crushed over baked potatoes, but I’m not a “bacon goes with everything” kind of person.

    My husband, on the other hand, can find few things that he doesn’t think would go well with bacon. He’s the only person I know who thinks that bacon chocolate bar sounds really good. My son and I are taking a trip this week, and my husband has threatened to eat nothing but “breakfast meat” the entire time we’re gone.

  4. I chose number 1, because it’s meat, and I don’t eat meat (am vegan).

    I kind of miss bacon, a little, sometimes. There’s a couple of different fake meat substitutes for it, but none of them are quite right.

    1. I actually chose #s 1 and 3. It’s meat, but I tend not to eat it on its own.

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