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Fluff: The Onion on Family Visits

Nothing about weight per se, but my, how many times have you had this experience?

KALAMAZOO, MI–A full 95 percent of the opinions held by Justin Wilmot, 26, were kept to himself Sunday during a Father’s Day visit with his family.

“No one in my family really gets my worldview, so I find it easier just to smile and nod and agree with everything,” Wilmot said Monday. “When I’m with them, I tend to be a lot quieter than when I’m hanging out with friends.”

Read it at The Onion.

2 responses to “Fluff: The Onion on Family Visits”

  1. Hey! I’ve been to parties like that!

    Luckily most of them did not involve my family.

  2. Lol yep. That’s how my Father’s Day was. My dad and I tend to have similar views but he loves to hear himself talk, so I hardly get a word in edgewise. But I normally don’t visit often and I was hungover that day, so I really didn’t care.

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