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A Question for the Ages

An obese child 6 to 9 had a 37 percent chance of being an obese adult if neither parent was obese. But if at least one parent was fat, the child’s change of growing up to be fat nearly doubled, to 71 percent.

The work fits well with current thinking about adult obesity, medical experts say. The condition appears to have a strong genetic component — most fat people are thought to inherit genes that keep them fat, despite their best efforts to reduce.   — NY Times

If fat people are so universally unattractive … how do so many fat people have kids?  They can’t all be adopted/from insemination, can they?    Do fat people reproduce asexually?  What?


21 responses to “A Question for the Ages”

  1. Maybe they’re all born from immaculate conception. What an idea!

    1. So…fat people are divine? ;)

  2. I love how they say “The condition APPEARS (emphasis mine) to have a strong genetic component-…” because, excuse me if I’m wrong, isn’t this exactly what most fat people have been saying for years? Now I’m just waiting for it to become an every day media sound byte, along with the other one that says yoyo dieting will actually make you fatter!

    Needless to say, I won’t be holding my breath.

    As for the reproducing fatties….I suppose that will chalked up to sexual desire being “Oh so strong” that anyone can get laid if they tried.


  3. Sadly, many people’s answer to the question of how fat people reproduce is simply ‘Beer’.

    1. Are you saying fat people ‘Bud’? :^)

      After two kids, one natural, one C-Section, I think I’d actually like to give budding a chance . . .

      1. Didn’t you at least have drugs for the C-Section that work better than beer????

  4. Y’know, when I am out and about, almost every fat/very fat person I see is with partner, and I see far more thinner people alone. Hmm.

  5. Everybody knows the result of all those kids are alien abductions. Those little green men will do it with anybody.

    1. Breaking news: 29% of the kids of fat parents are alien abductions! That’s why kids of fat parents only have a 71% chance of growing up to be fat.

      Except that if that really were a news story, the media would spin it to read something like: “Morbid obesity causes alien abduction! Lose weight now!”

  6. Personally, I always felt egg-laying, or pouches like marsupials had its advantages. :)

  7. I am one of those fat people who “married up”. My husband is tall and muscular and can’t put fat on to save his life (seems to be genetic in his family). We have no compunctions about have hot sexy sex either. So scientists can just K.M.A for all I care.

  8. The people who find fat people attractive are hooked up with them — and aren’t the ones objecting to the situation. I married one of them.

    I think it’s becoming more and more acceptable to hook up with someone fat, too. A good trend.

  9. Are you suggesting discouraging obese pregnancy?

      1. jmitch has been trolling around the Fatosphere. I wouldn’t give him any play, or any attention.

  10. I date my fat lovers because they are wonderful people, kind, nurturing, caring, generous, and intelligent. I fail to understand how anyone could value being skinny above all their wonderful qualities. I know lots of mean skinny people I’d never go to bed with.
    You know, by the time I was ten years old I knew our culture was looks-obsessed and that this was putting value on all the wrong things. How can grown adults seriously make statements like “I’d never date a fat person?” Yet I hear people say this all the time.

    Well that’s fine. I’ll keep my loving, kind, caring partners to myself then. They deserve better than people who would berate and humiliate them for a mere physical “flaw”.

  11. I was just about to echo Kristie’s sentiments. He/she is trying to stir things up.

    And I just got back from my town’s 4th of July parade (we celebrate the Saturday or Sunday after the 4th) and there were lots of fat people with partners and kids. Don’t believe we’re all sitting at home munching on Doritos and crying in our Pepsi (and even if we were, that’s OK too)!

  12. Strong genetic component for sure… from those figures it looks like a stock standard dominant gene to me! Remember those punnet square things from human biology class anyone?

    Also – I giggled at your questions about how fat people reproduce – and then had an immediate image of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory reproducing by mitosis after eating too much Thai food! Made me LOL, literally. And as far as methods of reproduction go, that’s what I’m voting for!

  13. […] I let her say whatever she was saying, then, my final shot (before time for the panel was up) was this bit of statistic I saw on Living ~400LBS.  Only in the dream I had the statistics at 33% of obese […]

  14. Funnily enough I find that people meeting me for the first time are not surprised that fat ol’ me is a Mum, but they *are* surprised that fat ol’ me has a man. I always wondered where they thought the kids came from… found in the cabbage patch, perhaps? (Although seeing as I am obese I guess people think it’s more likely I picked the kidlets up at McDonalds, LOL)


    And as far as alternative methods of reproduction go – I’m up for anything so long as ‘birth’ hurts less than the current method.

  15. […] is continuing to do the same thing (that didn’t work) to try to prevent fat kids.  And yet, fat kids exist.  Time to ban fat marriage? Advertisement GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); […]

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