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Food Hype

With all the hype about “superfoods” and how they can make you thin or prevent cancer, it’s a wonder that Starbucks doesn’t build an advertising campaign around things like:

Moderate coffee drinkers are at decreased risk of Type 2 diabetes, gallstones and colon cancer. They also show improved cognitive function and develop fewer cases of Parkinson’s disease. — Psychology Today

I think the reason they don’t is that caffeine is readily available  – unlike, oh, açaí berries.  Much less of a potential profit. ;)

3 responses to “Food Hype”

  1. Amen. And as a lover of another of the ‘super foods’, tea (I drink from three to six large mugs daily) who hates coffee, I am trying not to wring my hands over the ‘health benefits’ I am missing by never touching coffee. (I guess that means I would be barred from living in Seattle. :-)}

    There is always some eager beaver ready to make a quick buck by writing yet ANOTHER book proclaiming the magical properties of the ten (or 14, or 25) SUPER FOODS which you MUST eat or you will die, die, die…probably yesterday, if not sooner. Unfortunately, the poor things have never gotten me to invest any money in their books.

  2. True, but I think it’s more than that… an ad campaign based on research that says coffee is good for you, could go very wrong if the next research went the other way (and we know how often that can happen, one minute something is the greatest, the next minute it’s death in a cup). Starbucks doesn’t want you buying because it’s good for you, they want you buying because it’s just what you do. They want it to be habitual. That way, you’ll keep going every day no matter what the research says. Even if the latest news says it’s sure to kill you (stories like that have been around about fast food forever and it hasn’t seemed to hurt McDonald’s any). The less you think about what’s in your vende mocha latte the better they like it.

  3. Plus, coffee drinkers get happy little hits of caffeine that keep some of us from falling asleep at our desks and getting fired and losing our health insurance.

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