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On Being A Geek

I did not go to PAX.  I mostly play Tropico and Puzzle Pirates, not Halo and Rock Band.  I have never owned a game console.

But I am geeky enough that this makes me smile. Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm, and Molly Lewis serenading Wil Wheaton:

3 responses to “On Being A Geek”

  1. That was the SWEETEST THING, thank you for sharing.

    I fangirl Wil Wheaton SO HARD.

  2. Wil Wheaton guest starred on Leverage a few weeks ago, and I was reminded again that he’s a damn fine actor.

    And I love that he’s able to enjoy all this and laugh along at his decidedly singular kind of fandom.

    Hey—do I get double geek-points for liking Wil and Leverage? :)

  3. Oh, that is the cutest thing I’ve seen today. :)

    Spoonfork38: How adorable was he on Leverage! I was so glad that he was part of a good episode.

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