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Virtual Window-Shopping

[Looking at supersize / extended size clothing,  which is to say, clothing I can wear.  Preferably modeled by fat people]

Some things I’m thinking of but not sure I need enough to buy:

Flannel Shirt
Flannel Shirt
  • A purple patterned flannel shirt – Not a “typical” flannel shirt, so I’d feel less 90s in it than my plaid ones.  But collars and I don’t always get along.
  • Blue & purple watercolor shirt – Bright & fun.  Again, collars can be an issue.
  • Teal patchwork blouse – Would be great alone or layered. It even has pockets.
  • Brushstroke tee or mock turtle – Could easily wear to work.  Of course I already have plenty of v-neck long-sleeve tees and 3 long-sleeve turtles.

What things are you thinking about right now?

Oh, and is it just me that isn’t sure whether Junonia’s “Junoesque” is convenient or a pain?  Don’t get me wrong; if you aren’t going to offer everything in all sizes, then having a separate section for the large sizes that aren’t always available can help me find them.  But why include 4x in the “sometimes we carry these sizes” section when they routinely offer clothing in sizes 1x-4x?

…and do I possibly need any more sweaters?

11 responses to “Virtual Window-Shopping”

  1. I love the teal patchwork blouse—I like the dress, too.

    And thanks for the MiB links—I hadn’t explored them yet, but I’m going to soon. It’s getting cold, and my wardrobe is still minimal and short sleeved.

    1. MiB even uses models who are bigger than size 14! ;)

      1. And I really appreciate it!

  2. I really like that blue and purple watercolor shirt!! Wouldn’t that be nice to wear to add a splash of color on a dreary day? That totally gets my thumbs up.

  3. That watercolor shirt is beyond adorable! I may need to order one for me. We could be twinsies!

  4. I like the Maria dress from MiB. I’m not sure if the armholes would be huge tho, which has been the big deal breaker for sleeveless dresses and tops. $99 is a lot of money for me, too. I like that their models are actually! my! size!, it really gives me a good idea of what it will look like on me.

    1. MiB is expensive. I often wait til things are on sale … unfortunately some things sell out before they’d go on sale. I also find people reselling their stuff on eBay occasionally….

      And yay on Actual! Deathfat! Models!

      But part of why I’m doing “virtual” shopping is that the fiscal part of my brain is insisting I don’t need more clothing. ;)

  5. I’ve browsed MiB and most of the styles are not for me (I do like the shirred front flannel blouse, the Dawnia dress and the Minya dress though) but I also give them props for using deathfat models, just like Love Your Peaches.

  6. I’m thinking of buying tights from “We love colors”. Has anyone tried their products? My big question is whether they will be seriously opaque or not. I like opaque.

  7. They may include 4x in their Junoesque because while they regularly carry a 4x, lots of companies top out at 3x, so they want to again highlight their “extra-extended sizing”.

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