Supersize Sales and Sports Jerseys


  • MiB has marked down some styles (including the brushstroke tee I was ogling earlier) and is offering free US shipping or $10 credit on international.  Use code FS49 at checkout. Expires Monday 9/14 at 11:59pm Pacific time.
    (MiB’s size range covers 2x-8x; not all styles come in the largest size.  I am in the middle of their size range.)
  • Junonia has $10 off orders of $75-99.99, 15% off $100-149.99, 20$ orders of $150+ if you go through this link: This offer expires Oct 2nd.
    (Junonia’s size range covers 1x-6x, but not all styles come in all sizes.  I wear their 5x or 6x.)

These are not “total steals” but I thought they might work for some of you — and I do understand if you’d rather spend your money on important things.  ;)


On a related note, the man of the house has become quite the Seattle Sounders fan.  He would love a Sounders jersey….but they only go up to XL (XXXL in some styles), and he’s a 4X.  Today he called the Sounders office and was told “We get them from Addidas and they only go to XXXL”.   He called Addidas and was told, “We make them in the sizes specified, and were told to only go to XXXL.”  (Methinks there’s some sort of extra charge for going outside men’s S-M-L-XL.)    He checked Casual Male and found they do team logo-d clothing for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, Nascar, some college teams … but not Major League Soccer.  He then called CM to suggest they look into doing MLS as well.  :)







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