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Repost: Wellness Prescription

A repost from January, inspired by Fillyjonk’s post quoting Three Men in a Boat.

I got Connie Willis’ comedic time-travel novel To Say Nothing of the Dog from the library (and liked it enough to buy it).  It starts off a little confusing but is pretty funny, and full of golden age mystery fiction references.

It also contains several homages to the 1889 book Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the  Dog) by Jerome K. Jerome, of which a copy is on Project Gutenberg.  Looking at the first chapter we find the narrator has a touch of Bibliochondria – he believes he has any illness that he reads about.  He takes this to his doctor, who gives him the following prescription:

1 lb. beefsteak, with
1 pt. bitter beer
every 6 hours.
1 ten-mile walk every morning.
1 bed at 11 sharp every night.
And don’t stuff up your head with things you don’t understand.

He reports: “I followed the directions, with the happy result – speaking for myself – that my life was preserved, and is still going on.”

I find myself wondering how realistic that prescription was at the time – and what the current prescription would be.

  • Whole grains, fruits & vegetables every day.
  • Fish twice a week.
  • 1 glass red wine each evening.
  • 1 three-mile walk every morning.
  • 1 bed at 11 sharp every night.
  • And don’t believe everything you read.


One response to “Repost: Wellness Prescription”

  1. The prescription is good.

    JKJ’s Magum Opus sends me into gales of laughter every time I read it.

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