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Food and oxygen create fiery energy…

I don’t believe in horoscopes, but I find FreeWill Astrology often gives me food for thought.

This week’s Taurus horoscope is:

Have you ever mused on the fact that your body is actually a kind of furnace? And that your whole life depends upon it? Food and oxygen are constantly combusting inside you, generating fiery energy that fuels your every movement, thought, and feeling. This awareness of fire as a source of vitality, not a destroyer, would be valuable for you to cultivate in the coming days. Your steady, earthy rhythm needs a shot of radiance and luminosity and fervor.

I do try not to internalize the message that food is negative.  This image, though, of energy that comes through in thought, movement, and feeling … it made me realize that I’m still holding onto some negatives.   And to think about how to change it.

4 responses to “Food and oxygen create fiery energy…”

  1. wow. i need to do some thinking on this too.

    thank you for sharing it with us. ;-)

  2. I do believe in horoscopes but mine on that site invoked Angelina Jolie and was just incomprehensible so… pfft… maybe i’ll borrow yours. :)
    It’s the dissonance between what i want to feel about food and eating versus what i am constantly guilted about by the world and the other half of my brain– that’s what is making me crazy lately. So thanks for this site, and all the fabulous links. I’m off topic, but what the hell. Time i said it.

  3. That’s really cool….I love thinking I’m a hot little fireball catapulting through my days….thanks for sharing!

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