Symptoms of Fat People

“symptoms of fat people” showed up today in the table of items people searched on* that led them to my site.

So: what are “symptoms of fat people”?  I always thought it was weight vs height. Or visible padding.   What else?   Breathing hard?   Physical weakness?  Diabetes?   An obsession with what other people think of them and what they eat?   Dieting?   Lack of exercise?   Lots of exercise?  

What do you think?

*These are also known as Search Terms.

27 thoughts on “Symptoms of Fat People

  1. I had to laugh—I interpreted the post title in my reader as “You might be a fat person if . . . ”

    You mean people can’t tell just by looking anymore? Fancy that!

  2. I would have loved the mitten industry to follow me around last Sunday in NYC. It was 40 degrees out, rainy, windy and my hands were still chilly under my fleece gloves.

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